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"Carry on my dream" the words of her dying sister. Find out how the tragic death of Lola Lee, truly will forever change Victoria's life as she takes on her greatest challenge yet. Fulfilling two dreams in one life time!
By: rusty1411
Created: 07/15/11
Recommendations: 45
Views: 600
By: KikuChan16
Created: 05/31/13
Recommendations: 0
Views: 600
By: Valarievanilla9
Created: 08/28/12
Recommendations: 13
Views: 600
Please read! You WILL enjoy it!!! :3
By: awesome1168
Created: 07/06/12
Recommendations: 40
Views: 600
My newest legacy! Candice Summers is looking for a spouse and she found one, but will it work out?
By: B1245P
Created: 07/13/09
Recommendations: 23
Views: 599
“One, two, we’re coming for you….three, four, you better not ignore!” The Twins are coming...and I bet you think that they "KILL" you, hehehehe, you're WRONG. Someone will not make out it of this chapter 'all there'. Who will it be? READ TO FIND OUT. Don't forget to leave a comment on my page OR the forum---
By: MochaKat21
Created: 10/16/11
Recommendations: 73
Views: 599
Yet another installment of The Jukiki Nerdacy! Enjoy, and please reccommend! To post comments, go to Thank you!
By: Crazysimcreator
Created: 11/21/09
Recommendations: 26
Views: 599
Emma decides to go to the shop to buy a pregnancy testing kit, while Bianca and katie go out with the mysterious man.
By: Denimg8
Created: 07/24/11
Recommendations: 37
Views: 599
A young girl named Katrina is mentally tortured by her mother when she finds her mother cheating all through her life while married to Katrina's father, Ferdinand. He is killed by his wife Gina, and Katrina suffers throughout her teenage years from the loss of her caring father. Many years after she moves out and gets married and starts a family, Katrina feels safe after Gina meets her demise.
By: Summergrl64
Created: 07/14/09
Recommendations: 8
Views: 599
A random story about twin sisters - Good .vs. Goth. Will they survive after they both spent theyre parents money on wasted things?! :) CHAPTER 1
By: Tweetypie13
Created: 10/15/09
Recommendations: 14
Views: 599
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