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Even more expansion pack ideas. Again sorry if i took an idea that you had but come check out my ideas. Also make sure to recommend this so that i will make more and that i will know if you like them or not
By: getcheesey
Created: 12/31/09
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Views: 649
Lilly is a neglected and beaten girl whose parents are never there for her. Over time she develops Schizophrenia. Will she learn to cope with it and ever get the help she needs? This is her diary on her daily life. Comments/Suggestions:
By: Rusty333P
Created: 11/28/10
Recommendations: 64
Views: 648
GO TO H*ELL EA!!!!!!
By: SnowflakeEater
Created: 01/31/10
Recommendations: 23
Views: 648
BREAKING NEWS! pls read it!!! thanks so much for your support, i hope to get the voting out soon.
By: PurplePers0n
Created: 02/07/10
Recommendations: 15
Views: 648
Funny tutorial on how to make a floating floor! Enjoy :)
By: Alexis251
Created: 05/15/10
Recommendations: 11
Views: 648
Please read/recommend! My first legacy of the sims 3 is up! Generation one gets interesting!
By: xTia720x
Created: 07/07/09
Recommendations: 17
Views: 648
My new series called Gentle Predator. Please rec and enjoy!
By: IvyEC
Created: 10/31/12
Recommendations: 38
Views: 648
The first episode of Tragic for Most. A true story about a girl named Debrah that was abused since the day she was born. She had been abused most of her life by her own mother. Terrible things happen as you read on about this poor girl that had no escape at the time. Put yourself in her place after reading the story. How would you feel?
By: Danikville16
Created: 08/04/11
Recommendations: 10
Views: 648
After my youngest daughter went missing my life has been a living nightmare. Learn how the mystery behind her disappearance began.
By: Poppygurl5
Created: 05/04/10
Recommendations: 41
Views: 648
By: kristinarules
Created: 11/07/09
Recommendations: 5
Views: 648
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