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I could have sworn one looked right at me.... Thankyou so much!! I really really hope you like this!! 15+ recs to continue! Enjoy!! :D ~ Eleni x
By: queensims99
Created: 04/09/12
Recommendations: 46
Views: 608
thank you for watching!
By: sosimmy45678
Created: 10/31/12
Recommendations: 2
Views: 608
Gabby has been captured for two months, and Justice is ready to have his best friend back. But what if his best friend isn't who she used to be?
By: Bee_Cause
Created: 12/07/11
Recommendations: 32
Views: 608
For you RetroSim! Also thanks to Sims3forme1, sarahmonkey, shany120, squirrel9955, twilight8x, ROCKPRINCESS3. I'm glad we all stood up to her! Thanks, Kailygrace1207
By: Kailygrace1207
Created: 10/31/10
Recommendations: 16
Views: 608
Overview of the completed build of Salisbury Cathedral; a recreation of the famous church in Wiltshire, UK, by garbuckle3000
By: garbuckle3000
Created: 02/17/13
Recommendations: 5
Views: 608
Chapter One: The Arrival- Roger thought today was an ordinary day. But this ordinary day was interrupted by a very attractive visitor. This visitor is Roger's best bud's sister! Roger makes a promise to his bud that he could regret in the future. (Check out the Bro Code Directory:
By: knh330
Created: 06/18/13
Recommendations: 22
Views: 607
SORRY IT'S 2 DAYS LATE :( The Jensen Family Legacy Easter Special: Curse of the Easter Bunny!! Please read and rec xx Happy Easter!! ~JoJo~
By: kipper123
Created: 04/10/12
Recommendations: 33
Views: 607
An introduction to Rosalinda's life. Talks about who she is, what made her who she is, and what happens. Rec if you like :)
By: Skip45
Created: 05/14/10
Recommendations: 60
Views: 607
Hanae finds herself in an unknown place and searches for hours for somewhere to stay. She eventually gives up, but help comes in the form of a young man.
By: Punkyclo
Created: 05/31/12
Recommendations: 35
Views: 607
The first "Sim-Makeover" episode. We transform Tracey from a fashion-disaster to a fashion-ista!!! Next episode coming soon!
By: abbzziiee
Created: 04/15/10
Recommendations: 36
Views: 607
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