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Kaprice, A stunning, early collage graduate existing in the heart of a adventurous city, discovers that there are numerous secrets hidden within her DNA . After a unplanned visit from an unlikely but charming guest claiming to be sent by her father Vincent, Kaprice finds that her life may never be ordinary again. Maybe even, at the back of her mind she may be falling for This eye-catching stranger. -{Kaprice Ch.11}-
By: KupCakeFrosting
Created: 08/03/12
Recommendations: 62
Views: 641
Images of my "Country Retreat" Lot. Available to download from my studio.
By: ratty3005
Created: 01/11/10
Recommendations: 4
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:D recomend it please!
By: gamerica
Created: 06/19/09
Recommendations: 18
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Please recomand if you like. :)
By: jbtaffy
Created: 07/28/10
Recommendations: 20
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Meet everyone in Sunset Valley!!!
By: imani891
Created: 05/30/09
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Sarah is a teenager, abused by her mother. Then she meets a guy who turns her world around. Will he turn out to be the guy she thought he was
By: babiegreen1
Created: 09/23/09
Recommendations: 27
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Meet Tyler Lockwood, the founder of my new legacy. Will he find love? Will he complete his lifetime goal? Read to find out!
By: Sims3_angel24
Created: 04/18/12
Recommendations: 25
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a horible story but a good one to rec plz :) X:D
By: ragsisace122
Created: 08/16/10
Recommendations: 16
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A short notice that I want you know.
By: tanya2203cat
Created: 08/01/12
Recommendations: 23
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Pictures of my "The Warrens" Lunar Lake lot upgrade. Added two stalls in a covered barn with tack room, grooming rack, hay storage, and a jump training area.
By: IllusoryThrall
Created: 02/18/12
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