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Chapter 2 of Blending Into Lockers. I hope you enjoy it and please rec <3
By: Daisy111
Created: 05/29/11
Recommendations: 33
Views: 712
Kaprice, A stunning, early collage graduate existing in the heart of a adventurous city, discovers that there are numerous secrets hidden within her DNA . After a unplanned visit from an unlikely but charming guest claiming to be sent by her father Vincent, Kaprice finds that her life may never be ordinary again. Maybe even, at the back of her mind she may be falling for This eye-catching stranger. -{Kaprice Ch.15}-
By: KupCakeFrosting
Created: 09/01/12
Recommendations: 59
Views: 712
Chapter 13. A bit short this time. Rec it if you like it...Please!
By: chellemh29
Created: 07/23/10
Recommendations: 83
Views: 711
Elise is wealthy, pretty, popular, PERFECT - until her dad witnesses a murder. Her family of three is put into the Witness Protection Program...except for one of them. READ AND REC!
By: Lauren92596
Created: 04/27/10
Recommendations: 84
Views: 711
By: justdoit1
Created: 02/19/10
Recommendations: 46
Views: 711
We are Young- Chapter 8 :) <3
By: Owleh3739
Created: 11/10/12
Recommendations: 54
Views: 711
Third time lucky, huh? =D I've made it twice before but it's here!! Enjoy reading about Bee and her family, please recommend and thanks to all the viewers and past, present and future chapters!!
By: KurtCobainRocks
Created: 10/05/09
Recommendations: 19
Views: 711
This is The Goodman Legacy, Generation 1, Chapter 1. I hope you enjoy it :) PLEASE recommend!!!
By: simsplayer95
Created: 09/09/09
Recommendations: 15
Views: 711
The Marts are happy but for how long?
By: lilmissstar
Created: 12/20/10
Recommendations: 9
Views: 711
Chapter 1 is here!!!!!! I accidentally deleted the first version tho. Enjoy!
By: Aries273
Created: 04/20/11
Recommendations: 32
Views: 711
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