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Follow the eventual transition of Sunset Valley into Pleasantview as it revolves around the infamous Goth family. This chapter focuses on introduction of the family, their current lifestyle, and Mortimer growing up into an adult.
By: melcelestial83
Created: 09/11/09
Recommendations: 29
Views: 767
This story is about a girl who wakes up to find herself in a mansion after her parents were brutally murdered. she is also told she may not laeave the house. She has to train for something thats after her...but what?
By: nenea13
Created: 11/14/10
Recommendations: 47
Views: 767
Chapter 6 to My Alphabetical Uglacy! Kids, kids, and more flipping kids! Please read and recommend!!! :)
By: drew10player
Created: 02/15/10
Recommendations: 36
Views: 767
Colten and his family are in for a surprise along with a few birthday parties. Please read!
By: TheUsernameFound
Created: 04/27/10
Recommendations: 25
Views: 767
The Water Girl. I'm a mermaid or water farie. I'm dead. I will explain my story... Intro of my story. Recomend if u want chapter 1!! (she will explain in chapter 1!)
By: Pollyfran
Created: 04/09/10
Recommendations: 49
Views: 767
Miley started dating a customer to the tailoring store she works at, but he's married! And his wife just lost her baby. What will Miley do when she learns shes pregnant with Luke's baby?
By: trashman153
Created: 09/06/10
Recommendations: 37
Views: 767
Births and birthdays, a new life wish and a challenge to be met. Generation five takes it's first steps.
By: Ruthmaybe
Created: 07/05/09
Recommendations: 11
Views: 767
When Carina and Aaron are caught together, her father is furrious and does something he never does. What can carina do now?
By: Hollinshead
Created: 09/12/10
Recommendations: 62
Views: 767
"Am I destined to lose everything I love?" Hollie Myers wants to be a normal teenage girl, but one thing is stopping her: her carrot orange hair. She simply can't ignore the bullies tormenting her about her hair colour and making he life a misery. However, the moment she gets used to it, her best friend goes off with a bully and everything starts again. Hollie has no-one. Now the plot has thickened with her boy trouble and her neglectful mother. Will anything ever be OK for Hollie? This is chapter 6.
By: prettyone27
Created: 01/10/11
Recommendations: 77
Views: 766
Brendan is falling more deeply for katie's fake charms and isn't prepared to believe anyone who will advice him otherwise.
By: Denimg8
Created: 06/14/11
Recommendations: 49
Views: 766
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