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This tells a little more about the connection with her parents and ...Malcom. Please read Chapter 1 and/ or Intro. Thanks and recomend!
By: gtgmyborther
Created: 05/20/10
Recommendations: 44
Views: 830
How to have no more bills, plus an all teen hangout, NO ADULTS!!!!!§§§§
By: YoDawgWassup38
Created: 09/19/10
Recommendations: 9
Views: 830
Jasmine and little sisters story on how she becomes a Mother. A Single Mother. A single Teenage Mother. Coming soon Blake and his True Luve and The Lif eof a Teenage mother.
By: TruBlu98
Created: 03/29/10
Recommendations: 23
Views: 829
A New serise coming soon Camp teen is about 6 teens at camp.Not really much to say about it yet.Yet...
By: Peyton_2001
Created: 07/30/11
Recommendations: 22
Views: 829
Sad.. Eevill...
By: KittyKat212
Created: 01/12/10
Recommendations: 108
Views: 829
this video was just for fun but also it may be helpful :)
By: goldielover
Created: 01/08/10
Recommendations: 5
Views: 829
FANTABULOUS! Teaches about the key elements of writing in Create-A-Story. Except for descriptions. Where I clearly have no advice to give.
By: EmmyBird
Created: 12/17/09
Recommendations: 36
Views: 829
My first legacy; Sara Partridge- An aspiring athlete Doing what most legacies do. Making their sims search for love so they can have another heir/heiress
By: willowcrazy
Created: 06/24/09
Recommendations: 17
Views: 829
Please check this out
By: Sims177
Created: 11/06/09
Recommendations: 5
Views: 829
Violet has come to the conclusion that she is pregnant, but is struggling with the notion of telling her parents. Also, she receives more shocking news.
By: Bananadancer12
Created: 04/23/12
Recommendations: 51
Views: 829
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