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Here is the second chapter. Ya'll are amazing!!!!!! Please read and recommend!
By: puppyluvver
Created: 09/23/09
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Click. Can you follow our simple rules?
By: 1sam7
Created: 10/25/09
Recommendations: 17
Views: 946
Faye Parrie believes she is just a normal, typical 17 year old girl until one morning she wakes up and can hear other people's thoughts.
By: Punkyclo
Created: 06/29/12
Recommendations: 50
Views: 946
This story means the world to my friend!
By: hmw123
Created: 01/06/10
Recommendations: 29
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Learn to Build great livingrooms! I'll walk you thru the how-tos and offer tips on spacing and decor.
By: jsamson
Created: 08/08/12
Recommendations: 35
Views: 946
The first chapter of The Grey Legacy; filled with simoleons, adventures, treasure and a special man.
By: TheDreamer12
Created: 08/14/12
Recommendations: 24
Views: 946
The Dawes Legacy Part Five. Please recommend if you like it :) Facebook: Duckeggpie Tsr Sims Twitter: @duckeggpie_tsr You can become a fan of my creations at:
By: jensonbuttongirl
Created: 05/27/10
Recommendations: 61
Views: 945
Bella Goth-The story of a rich girl...abducted by aliens.
By: simpotato
Created: 04/27/11
Recommendations: 32
Views: 945
Hey guys, through the link above is your road to insanity as we spend another chapter with the Johnson's! Expect adorable cuteness and craziness may be contagious. As always, if you like then please rec and comments can be left either on my page or on the Johnson's forum page below:
By: EmeraldRuby
Created: 04/04/13
Recommendations: 57
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Next installment in my baby challenge. Enjoy! :D Forum Posted!
By: Sierla
Created: 01/13/10
Recommendations: 15
Views: 945
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