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PART 5 OF NEVER-ENDING!! i recommend reading parts 1-4 before reading.thanks you to those who are reading!! =]] ((everyone starts to grow up and Lauren is about to move out. Will Alex make his way back into Lauren's life and most importantly her heart? What secret will Lauren find out about a certain somebody?))
By: BallIN
Created: 08/23/09
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Chapter 23- Forum: Rec's please!! ;D
By: Spongeb0b
Created: 09/21/10
Recommendations: 47
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I've noticed how badly children in the Sims 3 look.
By: XtremeVampireBat
Created: 10/26/11
Recommendations: 27
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I view of all of the buildings that you can't go inside of; feel free to comment on my page if I missed any. Its extremely easy to do this: All you have to do it press Tab! It takes you to a different view, and it you go through a building with it, you can see inside of it, or it can keep you going out of bounds (Which is a glitch). These places can be great for stories of movies if you press Ctrl-Shift-C and type in moveobjects on and put your Sim in the building. Enjoy and rec! :)
By: chart63
Created: 04/28/11
Recommendations: 44
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Its monday, and Ally finds out what happened between Kay and Derrick 3 days ago. Will all go good? Read to find out :)
By: gamer69real
Created: 08/21/12
Recommendations: 21
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Taylor Swift's You Belong With me. Sorry it's kinda off and the music wont run 4 some reason....But enjoy nevertheless....o and i was thinking about the glasses and then i kinda forgot :/ ooops
By: bloodnight
Created: 09/20/09
Recommendations: 25
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Just thought I would let you guys know about this if you didn't know already...I just found out about it even tho I have had this game for a while.Sorry if you didn't like it but I thot it was cool so I made a story out of it and I know that storyboards are not message things but whatevs.
By: drs123
Created: 11/04/09
Recommendations: 9
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This is nothing rude or anything like that so please read! INCLUDING chocolatemilkpie this is 4 you mostly :]
By: jessjess1001
Created: 11/03/09
Recommendations: 60
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Sean Chew is introduced and his past is revealed.
By: rubystone77
Created: 10/10/09
Recommendations: 80
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A few tips and tricks as to how to write successfully!
By: friendliellama
Created: 10/12/10
Recommendations: 62
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