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Can you pass the test and win your gift?
By: alverna
Created: 02/12/10
Recommendations: 82
Views: 947
Introduction. Muirne has been servant in her own home for six years. But now she has a plan... Please reccomend/add me
By: NatalieReid
Created: 10/12/11
Recommendations: 57
Views: 947
This tutorial will show you how to use the cheats that can be accessed through the mailbox.
By: 51398
Created: 07/21/11
Recommendations: 21
Views: 947
My new story Breaking Beyond Bounderies Based on an Egyption slave girl who dreams of a better life.
By: horsesrox76
Created: 01/25/11
Recommendations: 85
Views: 947
Kei lives in the shadows of his older brothers. His parents are both dead, and he has inherited his fatehr's best mansion. In this chapter, we discover Kimiko, the last-made doll of the Lovely Dolls. Read the intro first! :D
By: alice540
Created: 11/01/11
Recommendations: 44
Views: 946
Walkthrough of the first home I uploaded.
By: BrandieLeigh
Created: 09/28/10
Recommendations: 42
Views: 946
Cara gets to see the gender and status of her baby, and if the baby is actually real or alive. If you havent seen the others, watch The Pregnant Teen 1, 2, 3, and 4 to see whats going on, because you wont have any idea whats going on if you dont read those as well first in order.
By: KaileeGatewood
Created: 09/28/09
Recommendations: 16
Views: 946
Short Sorry. Hope you enjoy :D
By: Prettycupcake
Created: 07/24/09
Recommendations: 14
Views: 946
Time for the big stuff! Another set of birthdays, a few new faces, and a wrinkled-up Rose. This will be one explosive chapter for sure! Uglacy's the name, and ugly babies is the game, baby!
By: Root_Beer_Junkie
Created: 08/06/09
Recommendations: 40
Views: 945
Alone. Trapped. Gone. Missing. TOKI. Haruka awakens to find herself trapped in Toki's Private Estate, aka her HQ. Alcide along with Destiny and Nessa are no where to be found either. Is there hope for Haruka after she meets one last person who may be "different"? Leave a comment here --- Let's try and get 40+ recs again guys! *conga line* JOIN ME, hehe! ;D
By: MochaKat21
Created: 09/13/11
Recommendations: 86
Views: 945
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