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The Junas want a child more than anything..but you know what they say, be careful what you wish for!
By: dlyrica
Created: 07/29/09
Recommendations: 37
Views: 1034
To BUMMER35 you just made a HUGE mistake.
By: vlaita11
Created: 12/11/10
Recommendations: 55
Views: 1034
Kayla is slowly planning out her death. She has gone through the possibilities about commiting suicide but she hasn't decided. Will Connor be able to help pull her out of the deep dark abyss that she is trapped in? Kayla has finally went to see her father at the Riverview Cemetery and she has tried more than she has ever had before. Will Connor be too late after the little spat they had at the cemetery?
By: sims2fan313
Created: 03/13/10
Recommendations: 44
Views: 1034
follows the lives of different teenagers. relationships start, and questions are popped. find out the secrets from the teenage wasteland.
By: Zerr0
Created: 09/24/10
Recommendations: 17
Views: 1033
My photos seem smaller than everyone elses, why is this? I would be grateful if somebody could help.
By: Wonderland
Created: 07/02/09
Recommendations: 5
Views: 1033
Good News: A brand new series made by me Bad News: It is only 3 stories long (maybe)
By: kitty144
Created: 12/01/10
Recommendations: 42
Views: 1033
alex has some cofessing news of what happened to her at the party she went to! read on to find out!!!
By: Fairies
Created: 06/06/09
Recommendations: 1
Views: 1033
Chelsea Sims was a normal girl with a slow moving relationship. The night Chelsea and her boyfriend Aaron Wolff decide to move things quicker , things go wrong for this teenage couple! Part 1!
By: KManny727
Created: 12/30/11
Recommendations: 29
Views: 1033
Hey guys! Molly here! Just a few dieas for some Expansion Packs. Thank you, to 'LOLgtf' for giving me some ideas&yes I did ONE of the same ideas as himm, but gave him the credit :3 -M.xoxo
By: iMolly98
Created: 07/03/11
Recommendations: 31
Views: 1033
There's something new on the sims 3 website. Do you know what it is? Read on to see! It may be something related to generations!
By: corafan
Created: 04/11/11
Recommendations: 27
Views: 1033
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