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" The Perfect family'' Meet the Brownswick family RICH Man of the house is a CEO. Woman of the house is a Sugeon and they have 4 " PErfect" Children or do they? they may live in the best town ever and have he biggest house but what goes on when They aren't home and the children get out of the High Honor school their parents put them in??? Does the Man of the house have someone secret on the side? Does Rosaline keep things from her family? Will the teenagers grow up to be like them?? Any suggestions comment!
By: missya0002
Created: 08/02/09
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The seventh installment of the Beck legacy!
By: ClaudiaVanTramp
Created: 07/01/09
Recommendations: 36
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Jane visit's gram, once again for another part of her love story. What is gram about to reveal about her first love.
By: 000000078
Created: 10/02/10
Recommendations: 44
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Alphie keeps up on her promise of moving to France with Brock, but she has a message for Milicent... Thanks for reading my series! Please reccomend!
By: volcomgirl77885
Created: 10/13/11
Recommendations: 56
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Chapter Two: I fell in Love with my Best Friend Music included: Best Friend by Jason Chen <3
By: Sophila9
Created: 10/20/12
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Dont steal my idea plz
By: SailorMoonLuvr
Created: 12/11/09
Recommendations: 51
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The Gibson Family Legacy, Gen 3 Chapter 3
By: rubystone77
Created: 09/30/09
Recommendations: 71
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Vince and Diana struggle with their money. Will Aidan's growth suffer do to his parents working in overdrive? Will they afford to buy a new home? Please recommend if you like! If you would like to comment go to my website and click the legacy link under the logo! -->
By: Hartebreakerx2
Created: 08/19/09
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Chapter 54 is here. The biggest chapter I have, ever made. 123 pages to be presice. This chapter is the final one of the generation, so there is an heir poll. The Clarke's move to Barnacle bay and other ramblings. Rec if you enjoyed and comments can be left here: Wow, I'm exhausted!
By: EmeraldRuby
Created: 01/23/11
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Reccomend if this helped!
By: Buseboots
Created: 11/19/09
Recommendations: 25
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