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how to make a teen family without the grim reaper and crying.
By: Rockstarforever
Created: 07/25/10
Recommendations: 46
Views: 1033
Jealous of those pretty custom avatars other people have? Fed up of EA's ugly default images? Well today's your lucky day! Please rec if this tutorial on how to get a custom avatar picture helps you :) -Hugs!X
By: Fergie13yrs
Created: 01/29/11
Recommendations: 56
Views: 1033
By: Miley_rocks1999
Created: 08/28/11
Recommendations: 39
Views: 1033
By: jake06
Created: 11/22/09
Recommendations: 49
Views: 1033
First chapter!!! I hope you like it!!!
By: MagC9
Created: 11/29/10
Recommendations: 72
Views: 1033
The next one is out! In this episode of The Color Uglacy, Cosmo: REVEALED! Oh, and somebody else turns into a creeper and another moves out, but nobody cares about that. Read, enjoy, rec! :)
By: IStoleThis19
Created: 08/02/11
Recommendations: 54
Views: 1033
IT IS TRUE my Sims have a baby she is called Caroline and the parents are only 15!
By: prettyone27
Created: 07/17/10
Recommendations: 28
Views: 1032
Winter is having an affair with a 32 year old married man when's she 17. There's nothing wrong with that. Or is there?
By: JumpyJamieee
Created: 09/13/10
Recommendations: 59
Views: 1032
The Diary of the College Girl is a sotry between a couple inlove but separated by the problems and Lady William. They face many challenges but will they ever just live with a happily ever after? Thsi part is about Alexa's pregnancy and other stragles. Please recommend and i hope you enjoy.Read the other parts of the story aswell if you haven't.
By: Nelly2cool
Created: 12/21/09
Recommendations: 33
Views: 1032
Chapter 2 of Monica's story. Please recommend guys! A special thanks to everyone who reccomended the first chapter and to all who viewed it. I am so thankful of that! :) Thanks! -itzzsavannah101
By: itzzsavannah101
Created: 12/12/09
Recommendations: 41
Views: 1032
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