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Solace follows the adventures of young Lily Watson. In response to all of life’s woes, she begins to escape into a fantasy world. This tale is an episodic drama. This is not a legacy. Instead, this story will include a predetermined plot and unique characters that develop and evolve over time. More info available at:
By: Vera
Created: 10/23/09
Recommendations: 49
Views: 1180
How to build your own paradise
By: barneybear1
Created: 12/21/09
Recommendations: 2
Views: 1180
Adopted Chaoter 7--Becca Winters is in the kitchen one early morning and is listening to Cindy cry and scream in her sleep. Then when Cindy wakes up soon, she calls in Becca, and Becca gets part of the blame for something she didnt do. She's thrown in the timeout box , along with Cammy and Linda. Hungry, they are trapped inside. Will she ever get out?
By: bigbopster
Created: 03/04/10
Recommendations: 35
Views: 1179
The first chapter of Trini's Perfect Life, Concerts and Cake.
By: Rika701
Created: 12/31/09
Recommendations: 46
Views: 1179
Chapter 11- Forum:
By: Spongeb0b
Created: 08/25/10
Recommendations: 51
Views: 1179
Here is the long awaited Clarke Family Legacy SPECIAL! Entitled The Wrath Of Kane! In this chapter the plot between Kane and Ruby is finally put to rest...But is it how you imagined it...Only one way to find out :P ( I love doing that part) Please rec if you liked and comments can be left here:
By: EmeraldRuby
Created: 10/25/10
Recommendations: 117
Views: 1179
Arianna arrives at an estate so large it needs its own zip-code. It feels like every second is unreal and in the blink of an eye she will wake up from a dream… a wonderful dream. Too bad reality hits, but at least she can try to enjoy the moment… if she even considers it one…
By: amyproductions
Created: 09/12/11
Recommendations: 67
Views: 1179
Becky gets married, puts out a couple fires, and experiences the joys of pregnancy!
By: Rosemel92
Created: 09/01/09
Recommendations: 28
Views: 1178
Like no joke she has been pregnant for a whole sim week and a half and i am kinda getting scared because that baby in there is gonna be like dead!
By: perty123
Created: 05/07/10
Recommendations: 30
Views: 1178
Mari is reunited with a certain someone from her past. Whether their intentions are good or bad is beyond her!
By: alice540
Created: 05/06/12
Recommendations: 134
Views: 1177
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