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This is the final chapter of my first story. Thanks to everyone who read all the chapters and reccomended them. I really really thank you soooo much.
By: gigi12310199
Created: 03/28/10
Recommendations: 89
Views: 1114
The diary of a young girl was found in the floor boards of an abandoned house. Page by page reveals the secrets and struggles this girl had to endure. The secret life of Dakota Lee.
By: lovelyladylyss
Created: 03/28/10
Recommendations: 68
Views: 1114
These are pictures of glitches I haven't seen anyone else have. That's it.
By: Janelliellio
Created: 10/17/09
Recommendations: 11
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Hey, here is chapter 23 of The Clarke Family Legacy, you cannot miss this chapter because the build up to the ending plot is inside :P Also lots of adorable kiddos! Rec if you liked and comments can be left here...
By: EmeraldRuby
Created: 10/23/10
Recommendations: 115
Views: 1114
I have something to say, and I hope you guys agree! Please recommend if you agree! Please read!
By: SugarCookie3000
Created: 01/30/10
Recommendations: 37
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In this episode, Jessica meets her secret admirer... or so she thought.
By: Simberella
Created: 07/24/09
Recommendations: 12
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You may remember the broke family from sims 2 and if you downloaded Riverview to sims 3 you will have them again! This time around you can choose a different fate for skip and brandi. In this story Skip meets Brandi, they get married, and have dustin! Skip is a painter so there not poor or not yet i should say and later on brandi has twin girls! Skip does die before Brandi gives birth to there fourth child.
By: Lexxee123
Created: 08/17/09
Recommendations: 32
Views: 1113
The first chapter of my new story The Pensons. Kinda Sad. SOmetimes funny. Dramatic and might make you realize a few things. Hope you love it. Synopsis A little girl and her brother experience the tragic death of their parents and are forced to move in with their mom's best friend Ginny. They start off on the wrong foot.... Ginny's family AND Sonny & Phena.
By: SydSyd00
Created: 06/27/09
Recommendations: 7
Views: 1113
Pt. 6 This Part of the chapter will be the Days of the Youngsters Lilly and Jessica..You will follow them and see more Drama in the Crazy Love triangle and how The two Adults passed it on to their children.
By: londondior
Created: 03/20/11
Recommendations: 20
Views: 1113
This story is about ten year old Ruby Strong and her family. Ruby has been battling with lukimia since she was eight. She was in reamission for 14 months but then the cancer came back when she started fifth grade. It's been four months since the cancer came back. This is the intro were you can meet Ruby and her family. P.s sorry for the spelling :3
By: CookiesNCreeme74
Created: 08/24/12
Recommendations: 31
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