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Jason Massif has awoken with an Angel named Avengela in his back yard. After his fiancee nearly finds her, Avengela tells Jason about how she fell to Earth. Then we discover a plan to restart the war between angels and devils, wich Avengela may be part of.
By: miraheckmann
Created: 07/14/11
Recommendations: 55
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Connor accepts a deal made by Veronica. Mari finds herself in a bit of a problem.
By: alice540
Created: 05/26/12
Recommendations: 167
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David is the new heir and plans on becoming the new Sunset valley Casanova, let's see what happens shall we? Kenisha is getting her revenge on both Jasmine and David and she will show no mercy!! A very cool chapter. Please read and recommend;)
By: PM030023
Created: 12/13/09
Recommendations: 22
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Chapter 54 is here. The biggest chapter I have, ever made. 123 pages to be presice. This chapter is the final one of the generation, so there is an heir poll. The Clarke's move to Barnacle bay and other ramblings. Rec if you enjoyed and comments can be left here: Wow, I'm exhausted!
By: EmeraldRuby
Created: 01/23/11
Recommendations: 88
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The Peter Family Legacy returns with Chapter 24! Prepare to laugh, prepare to cry, prepare to be insightful, prepare to have your mind blown! The children cope with their loss and a funeral is finally held. Leon and Haycinth's relationship is put to the test and more birthdays are celebrated. Please recommend and leave feedback on my wall or here-
By: What_Red
Created: 10/11/12
Recommendations: 78
Views: 1062
Story Of a Nerd In sneakers Chapter 1!!!! UP!
By: Alexis251
Created: 03/12/10
Recommendations: 28
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It's back! Help to make it even more successful by watching and reccomending!
By: mynameisjimbob
Created: 08/11/09
Recommendations: 41
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I would suggest reading "I Was Maid for You" to become familiar with the characters' identities and struggles. Autumn is finding it harder to accept her new life than she thought; Lizzie and David run into a small snag with their new union; Eddie's mouth gets him into trouble; Tiffani's considering friendships; and Trent's mood has been changed by the sibling of a nemesis.
By: londonlola
Created: 01/24/11
Recommendations: 94
Views: 1061
FINAL EP! read it while you can!! this episode is VERY VERY SPECIAL. i took ALOT ALOT of EFFORT AND TIME to make it. check out...A NEW HOUSE(tour included) A NEWW LOOK(tour not included) and...MAKEOVER-ING A FASHION CRITIC!!! SO READ IT NOWWW!!!(batteries not included)
By: PurplePers0n
Created: 02/01/10
Recommendations: 83
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I know there are a lot of legacies around at the mo, but this one is a bit more original. PLEASE READ AND REC!!!!
By: simzo10
Created: 03/24/10
Recommendations: 46
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