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First Chapter of Seventeen Forever.
By: xKeikoku_Keshikix
Created: 06/15/09
Recommendations: 12
Views: 1198
My World War Three Intro.
Created: 09/11/10
Recommendations: 76
Views: 1198
This is my legacy about two ghosts starting a family of little ghost children. CHAPTER TWO IS OUT! Read and rec! PEACE xD
By: BookyGirl13
Created: 06/30/10
Recommendations: 35
Views: 1198
A guide on how to write a successful sims 3 story.
By: LiveLifeAndRock
Created: 07/02/12
Recommendations: 48
Views: 1198
15 year old BethAnn has never been a good listener. But now that one fatal mistake causes her mother to throw her out, BethAnn is now alone. But she doesn't last very long. When Bruises Heal: Introduction
By: sims1029
Created: 07/11/11
Recommendations: 76
Views: 1198
This is a pet legacy, it is the basically the same thing as a baby legacy, but with cats!
By: Esmen
Created: 10/19/11
Recommendations: 38
Views: 1197
A New Series that details the complex life of a single mother and her daughter. Life isnt always as it seems and sometimes the wrong people get hurt. NOTE: If you want this series to continue...I need at least 10 Recommendations.
By: RainbowSim
Created: 07/22/09
Recommendations: 56
Views: 1197
Birthdays, fires and near death experiences. All in the Wilson Legacy. Part three is finally herer! Who will be heir?
By: B1245P
Created: 06/13/09
Recommendations: 18
Views: 1196
I don't think I'm going to write descriptions anymore, it seems like it kind of takes away from the suprise. What I will write is that you all need to stop talking about this whole Aoxa thing, Kronos94 won't post chapter 24. Aaahhh! Anyways, PLEASE READ AND RECOMMEND!!!!
By: Megs1116
Created: 02/12/10
Recommendations: 183
Views: 1196
Chapter 20 and the second of three posting this weekend is up guys! This chapter was really fun to make, in my view it's my favorite of the generation. I hope you enjoy it, it's a bit of a roller coaster ride and if you did like it then be sure to click that green rec button and if you like leave a comment on my page or on the forum:
By: EmeraldRuby
Created: 01/14/12
Recommendations: 98
Views: 1196
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