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Mari fesses up to Emi about her abusive past, thus explaining the voice in her head.
By: alice540
Created: 05/09/12
Recommendations: 139
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My intro to my first story thats not a legacy story =D When 15 year old Cleo looses her best friend, how does she cope? Especially when she doesn't talk to anyone! Feel free to add me as a friend,I don't reject anyone! =D
By: Havana123
Created: 03/30/10
Recommendations: 50
Views: 1252
Nick vows revenge on Mari and Connor. Something returns to Mari...
By: alice540
Created: 05/06/12
Recommendations: 164
Views: 1252
Many-sad-events-happends-in Alexandria's-life.What-dose-she go-though? REC-PLEASE!(:
By: maxine999
Created: 10/14/11
Recommendations: 38
Views: 1252
Welcome to my first ever sim story! Yay! Its about a girl ( my simself ), who has just moved to Sunset Valley to get a fresh start, a new life. Its her journal about her new life and how she is hoping to change from the depressed, shy, quiet, withdrawn teen that she used to be, into the opinionated, outspoken, confident, way that she was when she was a child. Enjoy?
By: SerinVal
Created: 06/21/09
Recommendations: 26
Views: 1251
The weekend is vast upon us and with it the final installment of the third generation of the Taylor's! Tomorrow in chapter 31 the heir poll will go live. So choose you're favourite and enjoy this chapter! Please reccomend if you liked, comments are much loved and can be left on my comments page, or on the Taylor's forum where you can also have a chat with myself and fellow Taylor lovers:
By: EmeraldRuby
Created: 02/17/12
Recommendations: 81
Views: 1251
Intro: .... After...somebody's death, yet another charcter is introduced. Don't worry, this one'll probably last more than two chapters. Heh. Probably. Maybe not. Enjoy! Or not...
By: alice540
Created: 03/30/12
Recommendations: 109
Views: 1251
Pets on sims?
By: GiantPandaPerson
Created: 12/20/10
Recommendations: 123
Views: 1251
This is a tutorial I made because i love the look of modern houses and thought these stairs would look awesome! I made the stairs and i love them =) i thought i should make a tutorial so any others could have these stairs that may want them =P Please Recommend if you like them! =D
By: rozy12347
Created: 02/23/10
Recommendations: 35
Views: 1250
By: kabrules
Created: 07/06/09
Recommendations: 9
Views: 1250
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