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Lacy Mills has done something really wrong. Will she tell someone? Pretty soon, everyone will start getting suspicous...
By: Coraski
Created: 08/23/10
Recommendations: 106
Views: 1307
This is the first part of "The Sunset Valley Murders." It is a who-done-it murder mystery involving the death of Mr. Halifax, and the invited people to his creepy beach manor.
By: WindsorErick
Created: 07/11/09
Recommendations: 48
Views: 1307
Just what I've been doing with my game. I've been playing a lot, if you can guess. :)
By: TroubleDoko
Created: 06/04/09
Recommendations: 9
Views: 1307
Marlee and Jasen don't have a perfect marriage. But Marlee never thought that what happened today, would ever, ever happen.
By: kkrocks
Created: 07/15/11
Recommendations: 50
Views: 1307
Piper gets a new look and goes out on a date with Andrew (you know, her cute therapist?). Will things work out for her? Or will things just go to the dumps? (like they usually do) Read to find out! Enjoy.
By: marisizer
Created: 05/30/11
Recommendations: 58
Views: 1307
Intro: ....Lilith and Shi find out that they might not be the only ones wandering in the "Never-Ending Woods..."
By: alice540
Created: 03/26/12
Recommendations: 140
Views: 1306
This shows how to hsve boy and girl twins!
By: sammyb1014
Created: 07/12/11
Recommendations: 10
Views: 1305
By: IfiTsakali
Created: 01/11/10
Recommendations: 19
Views: 1305
Calantha has a flashback from 4 years ago. What really happened to her? Was she always at the bottom rank?
By: Alicinia
Created: 11/30/11
Recommendations: 91
Views: 1304
Normal people don’t have to worry about what happens if they’re captured. Normal people don’t have to worry about if they are strong enough to evade deadly bodyguards. Normal people don’t have to worry about if they are convincing enough to lure in the target. Bianca is not normal. She has been trained as long as she can remember to be a deadly killing machine. She has been trained to lure the suspicious in the dark and take care of them silently, without leaving an ounce of blood on her hands. Chapter Two
By: ttlyawesome
Created: 06/03/11
Recommendations: 68
Views: 1304
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