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Tour of Squidward's house's.
By: XxRocknRollxX
Created: 08/25/09
Recommendations: 30
Views: 1218
created for storybook wedding challenge #1
By: snakecharmer
Created: 06/08/10
Recommendations: 12
Views: 1218
Maizy calls the police and now Harry is takin to court...will he be innocent or guilty? Thanks to everyone who has read and reccomended my story! I loved it! I felt like I was famous or something! So thanks again! Bye!
By: marisizer
Created: 12/30/09
Recommendations: 121
Views: 1217
This is a horror drama. Melanie is a normal girl, that is, until she hears the music.
By: FishGirl4
Created: 04/17/10
Recommendations: 116
Views: 1217
This is just a short romance story about a ghost (Charlie) and a girl (Ellie). Charlie and Ellie's soul had been lovers in the past, and when Ellie died, her soul transferred to a new body. Charlie (when alive) then committed suicide shortly after Ellie's death but he now can't move on to "the other side" without Ellie's soul with him. Their souls are meant to be together and Charlie won't stop until he finally has Ellie's! Enjoy, my lovely friends ♥
By: marisizer
Created: 10/31/12
Recommendations: 70
Views: 1217
Many years after the two friends split up, one has unseeingly come back. But have they finally become just a memory? You find out.
By: Hallowness
Created: 03/05/12
Recommendations: 113
Views: 1217
Thsi will show you how to build garages on foundations. Rec. if this was helpful to you. Thanks!
By: buckosnort
Created: 12/21/10
Recommendations: 52
Views: 1216
Intro: .... After...somebody's death, yet another charcter is introduced. Don't worry, this one'll probably last more than two chapters. Heh. Probably. Maybe not. Enjoy! Or not...
By: alice540
Created: 03/30/12
Recommendations: 109
Views: 1216
Welcome to my first ever sim story! Yay! Its about a girl ( my simself ), who has just moved to Sunset Valley to get a fresh start, a new life. Its her journal about her new life and how she is hoping to change from the depressed, shy, quiet, withdrawn teen that she used to be, into the opinionated, outspoken, confident, way that she was when she was a child. Enjoy?
By: SerinVal
Created: 06/21/09
Recommendations: 26
Views: 1216
Feline's Legacy-Prologue Feline Gibson from the Gibson Family Legacy Gen 1 takes a huge step........Why not come along for the ride?
By: rubystone77
Created: 08/29/09
Recommendations: 65
Views: 1215
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