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Yay the intro. Meet Claire Wolff, newly announced citizen of Sunset Valley. Will she fit in? Not your average story, I can guarantee. Please rec if you like and share your stories and comments on my page as I love reading both!
By: Megsimscrazy
Created: 09/11/11
Recommendations: 59
Views: 1227
these cheats are very useful and in the start of my story i said that this one cheat is very useful well there is more then one more like 4 or 6!!!! check it out
By: TLautnerLuver134
Created: 06/28/09
Recommendations: 12
Views: 1227
By: peaceluverr
Created: 11/25/09
Recommendations: 10
Views: 1226
This is my first legacy. I tried. I know this chapter may not seem like much because when I took these pics, I wasn't thinking about making a legacy, so I wasn't taking pictures that might fit into a legacy. Which is why Danny gets engaged with Tamare pretty quick. Starting in chapter two or three, it will come to the pictures that I DID choose specifically for the legacy so it will be better. Anyways, enjoy!
By: shelby1867
Created: 06/10/09
Recommendations: 21
Views: 1226
My 'vampire' sim and his maid girlfriend expierence something.. Excruciating. You can download this family. Happy Halloween!
By: Jayyyy
Created: 10/31/09
Recommendations: 67
Views: 1226
Paparazzi is about Melanie who feels lonley since her husband Triston is going off to the Simalia world cup.She goes to a club with her friend Janie with disatorous consequences... read to find out more...
By: Angry_Angel
Created: 06/19/10
Recommendations: 64
Views: 1225
My 100 baby Challenge. Please read!
By: RabbitKid
Created: 07/24/10
Recommendations: 47
Views: 1225
PHOTOS replaced 10/5/13 after EA glitch! My sims tribute to the story "Little shop of horros" with no song and dance but still one mean carnivorous plant. Hope you enjoy reading my version of this tale. ( no copy write infringement is intended ..this is done purely for enjoyment and to share a fun story done in sims) Thanks to MFAK for building a great little shop though for her it was a daycare.
By: MareZeSim
Created: 01/06/13
Recommendations: 35
Views: 1225
Click on the title to send you to the 19th chapter of the Clarke family legacy, this chapter is drama free! I just wanted a feel good chapter with some laughs added in :D REC if you liked and comments are loved and can be left here..
By: EmeraldRuby
Created: 10/13/10
Recommendations: 79
Views: 1225
Six birthdays, more breaking things, and more adorable cuteness! This is the fifth time I wrote this so I hope you enjoy it! Thanks to Genourosity for the awesome gift. Please recommend! Comment and suggest names here: Thanks! Love you all!
By: WhenOxenFly
Created: 02/08/10
Recommendations: 93
Views: 1224
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