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✸✸This is Chapter 2 of Finding home,the sequel to "Diary of a call girl". Daisy takes a trip to her hometown to find out more about her father. Will she find out the answers to the questions she seeks ? Please read and recommend and comments are welcomed on this page: ✸✸
By: deborah7893
Created: 02/04/12
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Using 6 friends from Deviantart, I try the asylum challenge from TS2
By: Amigoptama
Created: 11/27/10
Recommendations: 2
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just read this, please and stop everything that's going on. We're all Simmers and THIS POST should be the LAST POST about this situation.
By: lext12
Created: 08/23/10
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there VERY talented!
By: KimBabes1
Created: 01/01/10
Recommendations: 4
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Really Bad News!
By: rebecca4251
Created: 10/18/09
Recommendations: 6
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Sorry but I've been pushed to go! Miss yous all with my heart! Thanks for everything guys, it means alot to me :'(
By: Brownierulz
Created: 09/20/11
Recommendations: 6
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Chapter 6 of Vengeance: Samantha and Cloak have an annoucment, Pax grows up *Throws confetti* and Ermaine has a little 'accident' with a mystery man, and lots of complicated love here! Post your feedback on the forum here:
By: Biff11
Created: 07/14/11
Recommendations: 33
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INTRO!!! 10 rec's to continue!
By: toothpastecookies
Created: 03/04/10
Recommendations: 12
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Chapter 2 . Katt meets a guy , and Lucy starts drinking.
By: simslover2112
Created: 03/28/11
Recommendations: 21
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When a burglar kidnapps a girl called Nancy and holds her hostage, Robert's on a mission to save her. But does this have any connection to the mysterious dissapearence of the town bully, Buck? Read and find out!
By: henrybenry001
Created: 06/20/09
Recommendations: 1
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