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Chapter 66 to My Alphabetical Uglacy! Ian ages up along with our current heir! Not to mention there's a pregnant chick with a chicken disorder... Please read and comment at:
By: drew10player
Created: 05/20/11
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The smmith legacy lives on
By: soccerchicakt
Created: 09/18/09
Recommendations: 8
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Elf discovers she is pregnant - and Gerda is determined to make her get rid of the baby. But Elf doesn't want to do that. She writes to Jasper, telling him her news, sure that he will come and support her. Then his reply arrives...
By: SamelaRita
Created: 05/11/12
Recommendations: 12
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its important news plz read
By: hermione887
Created: 01/29/10
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Chapter 71 to My Alphabetical Uglacy! The second baby of generation 'J' is born and we have two birthdays! Please read and comment at:
By: drew10player
Created: 07/03/11
Recommendations: 16
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a story of the old assinator surge is back on the lose wacth part 2 coming soon
By: dannery200
Created: 01/25/10
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Please tell me if you agree with this! Read!Read!Read! And read to find out what!
By: sunkissed300
Created: 05/03/10
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The second chapter of supersimaddict9's legacy, The York Legacy! Please reccomend!
By: supersimaddict9
Created: 10/31/09
Recommendations: 15
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By: Kittykoolkool
Created: 06/23/10
Recommendations: 2
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A murder is like a puzzle. In order for it to be solved, all the pieces must correspond and fit together perfectly. Not one thing can be out of place nor can you miss a piece, otherwise the whole thing is wrong. But what do you do when that murder is a mystery? You have no pieces to the puzzle. You have no clear ending, and no idea where to start.
By: Skip45
Created: 12/15/10
Recommendations: 54
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