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By: coockiedough
Created: 10/09/11
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THE GARZA LEGACY continues. How will Mateo deal with the Crimelord's demands? Will Ayesha get everything she's ever wanted? The SECOND GENERATION makes it's debut! If you thought the Founder's had problems, you ain't seen nothing yet!
By: Texmexmutt
Created: 09/09/09
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I have a baby challenge coming out soon so please tune into it and also recommend baby names at Thank you
By: Raddx
Created: 02/21/10
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Maddie and Jacob are brother and sister. They don't really like to play together, but they find out it isn't half-bad.
By: madhatter123
Created: 10/10/12
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Will you listen to yourselves? SexyLesbian has written a story like many people, including myself, found disgusting. But do we honestly need to write and write and write way too many rants on the subject? All you're doing now is clogging up the storyboard. STOP.
By: prettyone27
Created: 11/28/10
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how to make bunkbeds that you wont hit head on when you wake up!
Created: 07/23/10
Recommendations: 11
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Meg Ridely pictured her so called "vacation" in Sunset Valley for the whole summer to be filled with gourme food, expensive malls, and white beaches. But when she finds out shes been kicked out of her house to be syating for the summer in an apartment with some local college students, she knows her summer will not be what she expected. This is the intro. ADD ME!!! AND RECCOMEND!
By: bluetac4
Created: 12/04/10
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My new legacy! I hope you guys like it :)
By: FireBird99
Created: 04/22/11
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The Caliente Home for the Build-N-Share Challenge. Home designed by Kharii's Concept and Design.
By: Kharii
Created: 07/31/09
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Being an Orphan isn't easy. Trsut me, I'm Kimberly Collens (or so I think), and I've been in an Orphanage, Mrs. Teresa Witte's to be exact; for 4 years. And nobody has adopted me yet. I'm a nobody. But I guess now, that's going to change, tip my world upside down because I just found out that the truth is I'm a renowned orphan.
By: Biff11
Created: 07/19/11
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