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Rose legecy READ IT!!!!!
By: samrees1
Created: 08/08/09
Recommendations: 3
Views: 352
This is a documentary of my sim Angela Johnson who just gave birth to her first child last night and her pregnancy and final outcome and all that good stuff
By: SuperHotpink924
Created: 03/04/12
Recommendations: 2
Views: 352
This man and wife starting a family! please read and rec!
By: cowgirlover999
Created: 07/31/10
Recommendations: 18
Views: 352
Hevan has been sent to earth to earn her wings as an angel. But she falls in love with a human and is afraid to break his heart! What will happen to their relationship?
By: Firscar
Created: 02/18/11
Recommendations: 22
Views: 352
A Tour of my Farmhouse Mansion.
By: BluebellFlora
Created: 08/16/09
Recommendations: 6
Views: 352
EPIOSODE 2 and the ending of the whole series! Since i cancled it i think it was only fair i told u what happened(: ENJOY!
By: 1mirmir
Created: 04/21/10
Recommendations: 11
Views: 352
Sassy's a poor girl, who has to work in her bro's fish and chips shop. But when they win the lottery, could she move to hollywood and be livin' that dream?
By: cumonlesparty
Created: 04/22/11
Recommendations: 17
Views: 352
Elf discovers she is pregnant - and Gerda is determined to make her get rid of the baby. But Elf doesn't want to do that. She writes to Jasper, telling him her news, sure that he will come and support her. Then his reply arrives...
By: SamelaRita
Created: 05/11/12
Recommendations: 12
Views: 352
I'm not telling what's going to happen >:) Just read and find out :)
By: alverna
Created: 06/16/10
Recommendations: 28
Views: 352
Never forget. You are Beautiful. Someone Loves you. No Matter What, You ARE worth it <3
By: ilovetaylorlatner
Created: 10/26/10
Recommendations: 41
Views: 352