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This is a love story about a princess that has to marry someone she does not like in order to become queen. She has to break up with her boyfriend to do so. She is very sad.
By: sweet92590
Created: 06/26/09
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This is my first modeling show. Dont forget to send me the link to your girl at the super model forum page!!
By: kelseyjeanne98
Created: 08/14/09
Recommendations: 4
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Sometimes When You Hurt The One You Love, You Want Them Back But... There's Always A Small Bump In The Rode That You're Stuck With.
By: 1234ILoveU
Created: 10/26/10
Recommendations: 7
Views: 379
Lintt Legacy 1st chapter. Jamie is going to find a boyfriend and live on her own! Please Rec.
By: rayy13
Created: 04/27/10
Recommendations: 10
Views: 379
EDITED VERSION WITH MUSIC! Tammy enjoyed dating...for about a day. She would date men and women, and then kill them to get over the sloppy dumps. Three lovers a day was her maximum, but then she met the most amazing man...and her killing spree haulted for a moment. Will she choose love over her lifetime wish accomplishment, that she is so close to achieving? Find out, in Getting Away with Murder/Falling in Love!
By: mariahkemp
Created: 08/12/09
Recommendations: 1
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Don't you hate it when your story that you spent FOREVER making just disappears in Create-A-Story? Here is a simple solution that not many people know about. Don't forget to recommend.
By: twilight8x
Created: 02/09/11
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By: RaceyGracey
Created: 01/21/11
Recommendations: 13
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this is really how you cheat the repo people and its much easyier
By: 79SD
Created: 03/03/10
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A tour of Peachy Paradise, now avaliable to download!
By: honeybeefive_14
Created: 01/08/10
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i came up with these ideas because it would improve the game so much so please read and recommened!
By: nicolamaclean
Created: 06/02/10
Recommendations: 22
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