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Chapter 2 of the JAsmine legacy.
By: dani84m
Created: 06/16/09
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Now Holly is pregnet, moves out of her house, and has the baby all in one part!!!! :)
By: Moo6787
Created: 04/09/10
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In this chapter Addie & Scott both have their birthdays. Things move kinda fast in this chapter & I'm sorry but I lost alot of pictures so I had to do the best I could! I also choose the heir/heriess in this chapter! E-mail at & tell me what you thought about this chapter. Please RECOMEND!(:
By: AbbyJean360
Created: 01/11/10
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Summer is a toddler and Tally gets a baby bump :D
By: fuzypinkslippers
Created: 01/24/10
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Firstly, let me thank Rubysunset for her amazing advice! In this chapter, Alice discovers some shocking news that leads to a HUGE shock for her! Please read and rec! Thanks for the response of the intro! Comment on my page or at the forum
By: babyamy1
Created: 02/21/12
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The tenth episode of Season 4. Who will the third to go be in each of the houses? Who will become the new OOH and the HIC? It all happenis on this episode! Enjoy!
By: badtothebone322
Created: 10/28/09
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This is the first chapter of my first ever legacy! Just to warn you, not much happens, but in order to understand the very eventful chapter 2 you should read this. Really.
By: abercada
Created: 06/10/09
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Faye wakes up in a new surrounding after having passed out. She, and the others then hear a plan as to how to capture Paul, but Matt seems to know something everyone else doesn't.
By: Punkyclo
Created: 08/28/12
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The first generation of the Sun Legacy, a personal challenge for me. Diana Sun looks around Sunset Valley for Mr. Right along with working on her career. Little does she know that Mr. Right will be right along the corner, along with other surprises.
By: chickt1622
Created: 07/05/09
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How many generations can a family stay black?
By: KatQ66
Created: 05/28/10
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