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My new Sims Legacy. I just had to try it with my new Sim, Timothy Sims.
By: Timmytheking
Created: 06/09/09
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Plz read and lovwe Thanks
By: werfhg
Created: 12/08/12
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Angie has met her true love online, will everything go to plan? Sorry I'm bad at descriptions, check it out! x
By: babyskela
Created: 06/15/09
Recommendations: 18
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A tour of Recurve Retreat, a luxury beach home.
By: BTFoto
Created: 11/22/09
Recommendations: 3
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PrettySims: Ep 1. The show that give you, magical make overs!
By: Super_Maddie
Created: 11/22/09
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By: alex4567
Created: 10/30/12
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I love Sims 3 and all but there are still quite a few things I would like to change. The point of this video is to get my ideas out there so that other people can post their ideas and together we can make Sims 3 even better if we get attention.
By: begreenalways
Created: 06/25/10
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Alexa's dilemna is finally resolved when an affair with a black man has led her to doubt the paternity of her unborn son....
By: krissiejules
Created: 12/01/09
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This is the first chapter of A Love Story plz rec
By: starfire1997
Created: 02/15/10
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Story walk through for home North Shore Experience
By: judywork1957
Created: 12/03/09
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