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In Twinbrook, Madison, or Dice, is an overweight outcast whose widowed father neglects her. So when one day her father calls to tell her she’s moving to Bridgeport to live with her aunt for her last year of high school, she realizes she has six whole months before the moving day rolls around. She was going to a whole new school, and so she promised herself she’d built herself an absolute new reputation there; So she works hard to lose weight and builds an attitude . Will she survive the year though..?
By: nameyou2468
Created: 01/07/13
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My first attempt at a legacy, starting a generation too late :)
By: roseconsumption
Created: 07/14/09
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This is a tour of Vittoria Vineyard, a tuscan lot. This Italian lot contains a large estate, courtyard, vineyard, entertaining area, and much more. Decorated in Tuscan style, this lot was created with a larger family in mind. It can be found on my Sims 3 page for download if you are interested. Enjoy! :)
By: BreanneStone
Created: 07/20/09
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Katherine gives birth to babies 15&16 PLEASE READ! It took 6 times for this to actually save and to let me put it up. I worked hard on it. ATTENTION ALL 100 BABY CHALLENGE (Katherine) FANS AND READERS! I need more baby names, fathers, and if someone could build (I'm bad at buildng houses) a big house for Katherine and her family. That'd be sooo great and you'd be mentioned in my post. Thank you! Happy Reading (:
By: hugz4life101
Created: 01/11/11
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Welcome to makeupmadness!
By: aussi99
Created: 03/18/10
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This is the middleton legacy, ummmm i'm not really sure what to put here but please watch cuz i've been working really hard on it
By: shortpixie
Created: 06/29/09
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Not like the real story of the little mermaid , but almost! Hope you like it! :-) You can downlode Ariel here:
By: Minividle
Created: 12/26/12
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By: mandrake11
Created: 02/18/11
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Chapter 2 is up!!!! We learn how Cleo looses her best friend Abbey. Please read!!!!
By: Havana123
Created: 03/30/10
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This is the 8th chapter of my Gibson Legacy.this chapter is about a couple of days of work and careing and there gonna be another thing coming.I dont have a lot of stuff on my game so if any real fans like my storys id love to get something as a gift thank you :) i would be sure to put your name in one of my storys.
By: joegibzz56
Created: 01/17/10
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