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Sims Survivor is a virtual game played by 16 Sim3 sims, who are selected by me, lydiamay, from a list of sims who applied for the game. It is played very similarly to the TV show Survivor. This contains the Sign-Up info if you would like to be in the show.
By: lydiamay
Created: 10/25/09
Recommendations: 5
Views: 397
The Legacy of Love a Sim blast from the past 2010 actually...Cheers! ^__^
By: KissyStarfish
Created: 01/11/10
Recommendations: 8
Views: 397
Ryan endures his first day of physical training and he typically makes things more awquard than they should be... Read to find out what happens! Please rec also 12+ for next chapter Forum:
By: thewantedfan
Created: 01/05/13
Recommendations: 17
Views: 397
Chapter 1.4! And Please, Please, Please Read the last page!
By: Valarievanilla9
Created: 08/20/12
Recommendations: 10
Views: 397
The first chapter of the Lark legacy! Our founder finds love, gets married and has her first kid.
By: Eleanor349
Created: 10/17/09
Recommendations: 8
Views: 397
Ugh. I finally understand what happened between Aoxa and ToxicLips. Wow. Aoxa is a freak for making such a big deal over this :P
By: rurusimlover3
Created: 02/11/10
Recommendations: 9
Views: 397
A Tour of my Farmhouse Mansion.
By: BluebellFlora
Created: 08/16/09
Recommendations: 6
Views: 397 i made chapter 2 of this story...i don't know if i should continue or go with another story but please enjoy. This time Sir Jacen is acting strange and how did Emma's sister know him? Why does he have to leave? What is the realtionship with Sir Jcaen and Emma's deceased mother? Well you have to read to find out.Duh! Sorry this chapter is short..i'll make it longer next time.
By: Yuffierose
Created: 04/27/10
Recommendations: 19
Views: 397
this is my terrible storie!
By: pineapplegirl98
Created: 12/18/10
Recommendations: 27
Views: 397
Gen 2 of the Zax's is here :) I did my best to preview it but it wouldn't let me preview so I am sorry if there are any spelling errors. A couple deaths and a wedding in this chap. Hope you enjoy. Hugs CandiAnn :D
By: CandiAnn
Created: 06/27/11
Recommendations: 27
Views: 397