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Elle wakes up, shocked at her new abilities. But she quickly grows to love them, though a small voice still struggles inside her. She and Liam are sent to meet their new boss, someone they hardly expected to find working for the Company.
By: pinkelephant314
Created: 07/11/10
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Just my entry for Sunste Valley's top model, I cannot post anywhere else...
By: melburger1
Created: 02/22/10
Recommendations: 10
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Carly and Henry are in such deep love, but once Henrydoes a terrible crime to Carly and to another perosn(or sim) their relation ship is ruined and they can never go back to their normal love.
Created: 06/07/10
Recommendations: 16
Views: 354
Chapter 3 of Dolls! Sorry its so late. Flashback time! ;) Thread: Thanks so much for reading :D
By: Soukina
Created: 02/05/11
Recommendations: 40
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Keith: it all begins like this... happy... carefree... and in love but what they dont tell you about a fairytale life or relationship should I say is that it grows old and gets boring. Love is still love though but as it grows old you make more of it and more room in your heart for others to please it.
By: TandiNicole
Created: 03/28/10
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My makeover series
By: popess
Created: 08/25/11
Recommendations: 4
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My new story preview, The One. Thank you guys so much for all of the support. If I get 10+ rec's i'll continue it! Thanks again! :3
By: SimsGamerGirl789
Created: 12/31/12
Recommendations: 6
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By: tolonkioko
Created: 08/04/10
Recommendations: 4
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A battle between Mummy's & Mommy's
By: butterfly27255
Created: 05/09/10
Recommendations: 8
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HOLY FUDGE HAS IT BEEN LONG SINCE THE LAST ONE! Please give it a rec and a comment for the return of I.C.L.Y.! Pwease? *puppy face* ;) ♥
By: bubbles42
Created: 03/18/12
Recommendations: 25
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