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Maxine has always been able to keep both Alekk and Niv by her side, but as Wes predicted, what will be the deciding factor that determines who will stay and who will go? Find out in this latest installment of "Pop." Please recommend and comment on my blog ( Thank you!
By: ttlysimish
Created: 04/13/13
Recommendations: 15
Views: 399
Chapter Five: "I'm scared." Kylie goes somewhere with Chris and his family, and the trip ends up turning upside down.
By: xStartsToShamex
Created: 11/15/13
Recommendations: 4
Views: 399
Time is Death Chapter 7~ Mio learns about what happened to her brother, but when she finds something terrible. Something Deadly..
By: Valerie_RedCloak
Created: 06/30/12
Recommendations: 38
Views: 399
Ryan endures his first day of physical training and he typically makes things more awquard than they should be... Read to find out what happens! Please rec also 12+ for next chapter Forum:
By: thewantedfan
Created: 01/05/13
Recommendations: 17
Views: 399
I don't wanna Next Aoxa!! >:O
By: Twilightaholic331
Created: 01/06/10
Recommendations: 41
Views: 398
my new legacy which i promise to finish someday (i won't scrap it)
By: tara8000
Created: 10/23/09
Recommendations: 12
Views: 398
Allie wakes up to find herself badly hungover with a massive headache. Now she must face her parents after disobeying them and going to the attic. Also, the Trentels reveal a new side to them that Allie hasn't seen before.
By: SaraCookie
Created: 01/22/11
Recommendations: 56
Views: 398
To My BoyFriend
Created: 10/18/10
Recommendations: 11
Views: 398
Welcome to the new Legacy revolving around a certain alien/human outdoorsmen who talks to imaginary friends and inanimate objects. View, recommend, and the rest!
By: LambyLin
Created: 01/15/11
Recommendations: 26
Views: 398
The first chapter of the star family legacy, with our founder family member Lola Star.
By: emzviner
Created: 03/11/10
Recommendations: 28
Views: 398