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The first chapter of the cole legacy!!!
By: Lollytea123
Created: 03/01/12
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wow.okay, first, i have to say this. i know that i call all my books long, but this book is A FLIPPEN' 125 PAGES!!!!! yeah, i doubt anyone wrote a 125 page story today. any way, after alaunna finds out she pregnant, she goes around town to look for tristain, and finds him.... CHETING ON HER!!! how will she cope with this harship? find out in this sad chapter of the jackson story, book 6!!!!
By: monet123
Created: 08/29/10
Recommendations: 7
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Don't you hate it when your story that you spent FOREVER making just disappears in Create-A-Story? Here is a simple solution that not many people know about. Don't forget to recommend.
By: twilight8x
Created: 02/09/11
Recommendations: 31
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Brooke sees a vampire! and Matt has a cold secret while Brooke becomes pregnant!
By: smiley74
Created: 11/04/10
Recommendations: 6
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A cheat for $$$!!!
By: Caitlin10000000000
Created: 02/10/10
Recommendations: 3
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By: twilightrocks222
Created: 01/18/10
Recommendations: 7
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I am not dead, It's the longest chapter, only for you! :D I love you all, I NEVER expected to have fans :3
By: carolina_xoxo
Created: 12/15/09
Recommendations: 16
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Chapter 2 of Generation 1 of the Mitson legacy. Read and reccomend.
By: ninners
Created: 11/13/09
Recommendations: 4
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I just need a little help with my game. It's kind of screwed up and I don't know how to fix it :( All help would be greatly appreciated.
By: miniyeht
Created: 11/23/09
Recommendations: 3
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Chapter 1.4! And Please, Please, Please Read the last page!
By: Valarievanilla9
Created: 08/20/12
Recommendations: 10
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