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Hailie Bennis in Chapter 1 ~before and after~ Hailie seeks to find her new self but not everything turns out the way she wanted she ran from her miserable pathetic life and is now in the middle of no-where With no-one to be seen so now she is all on her own Her new life. all she wanted is to live a better life but she can't anymore everything and the only person she can blame is herself because she dragged herself into it Will she continue her freedom? or go back to her old Life? Read to find out Xxx
By: bh7516
Created: 06/27/13
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This is what its live living with Grim. more coming!
By: krisam87
Created: 08/11/10
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By: Silverwerehog
Created: 09/06/10
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the sims 3 body shop
By: Howaida
Created: 03/25/10
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Marriage, Glitches, Birthdays, Promotions and Baldness in Chapter 2 of The Lockwood Legacy, Generation 2! Now with a brand new house!
By: Sims3_angel24
Created: 05/24/12
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What do you do when a mysterious man appears in your dreams and turns out in reality? That's exactly what happens to Kasey Harp. What do you do when he says that they know eachother? How do they know eachother? Kasey does not remember but she soon finds out and her fate comes upon her. Is this strange man good or evil? Rec. to find out! Comments can be left here:
By: buckosnort
Created: 01/15/11
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When 17 year old, Molly Saltzman is left in the Graveyard she overhears this conversation but it isn’t good, she’s in the wrong talk and the wrong time but what will they do to her when they find out she knows something that can put their own lives at risk, all of them including hers and her family; or what she has left of it.
By: zoestockton
Created: 05/27/12
Recommendations: 20
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Have you ever bean aboused sexualy, mentaly, physically or emotionally? well Alia has! Find out what her dad is talking about, What her dad does, who will die and who will live? This is the battle of life and death for Alia! stay tuned for the actual thing! COMING SOON!!!!
By: Appletta
Created: 03/07/10
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Happy April Fools Day :)
By: TaiNoodles216
Created: 04/01/13
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Solarium: The house with tranquility and a beautifull fountain and entertainment area. Stunning bathroom and Dressing room in the Main bedroom.
By: magician1
Created: 09/12/09
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