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look at how far love could go
By: jasmine76828
Created: 06/03/09
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An introductory story about G.a.y.lord Koffi and his sister. Two characters in my movie series: Searching for a Rainbow Plumbob. Look for it in three parts on U-Tube at But first read the rest of this four part story on my Sims 3 page. ***Credit for lots used in this story: --MCH36504 for Yellow Country Estate and Brick Country Manor. --Delry for Abandoned House, 1 (Olvidado, 1)
By: IdaNoReally
Created: 07/31/09
Recommendations: 5
Views: 386
Well here are my Ouran Highschool Host Club photos in the sims 3! I hope you enjoy them! I don't have alot yet but pt. 2 will come soon i promise! ^^ I hope all you ouran fans liked it and remember to recommend if you really liked it! :3
By: iiFluffeh
Created: 12/13/09
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Watch as Kyra transforms from a " Little Miss Loner" girl to a "cool" girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By: mocharaismynama
Created: 10/18/11
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You simmers out there know when to click on an awesome link to a story, right? Well then, let's narrow it down to my stories. Over 500 recs from 8 stories and guides alone. Thank you simmmers out there. This little guide is a box office for my top eight story and guide creations! Check it out and please recommend! Thanks a bunch!
By: sweetstop7
Created: 03/03/11
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Don't Read This
By: tilllee
Created: 01/01/10
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Tallie only has to find one more guerdon, and then maybe Ship will stop keeping her prisoner here. But it seems that this last one is going to be the most difficult and dangerous one to find. And when Tallie arrives in her new time, she can see why.
By: SamelaRita
Created: 12/12/11
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Amy thought her world was over when her boyfriend ditched her for someone else. However, a chance meeting introduces her to an up and coming musician who changes her world forever.
By: sassyh410
Created: 12/07/10
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It's over...
By: Love8
Created: 11/23/12
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Heather now is full filling the role as a mom and then her stepmom is pregant and starts taking resonibilities, but just when things get good her father goes missing
By: Erin1881
Created: 11/24/11
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