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Chapter 2. Katy is in some trouble for spending the last of the families money, however she finds other ways of returning the money. Warning! This chapter contains strong language and is not suitable for young ones.
By: eleanor123allon
Created: 10/29/11
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Cassie and I makeover a rolled sim!
By: princess2109
Created: 08/11/11
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It's been ten years since Esmeralda and Richard Munoz fled Bridgeport after accidentally killing their flirtatious plumber, Jacob. The two are now happily married with three kids, but how far will Jacob's family go in order to ruin their lives?
By: R13n3
Created: 05/26/12
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this is so funny!at first it is not really funny then it is!it is called THE FUNNY PICTURE!i hope u like it!
By: gothgirl8
Created: 11/13/09
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OYE! it's my third time writing this chapter, but whatever. PLEASE READ I WORKED REALLY HARD ON IT!!!! no there aren't any pictures but it's meant to be read as a book, not a legacy. Trust me, it'll be good. In the same genre with like Inkspell and Percy Jackson and the Olympians and stuff. This chapter's way more pleasant too. ;) sorry about the last chapter, but it was just background information. PLEASE,PLEASE READ AND RECOMMEND!!!!
By: NEWmegs1116
Created: 01/08/10
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It’s been 8 hours since Kevin was suppose to be home. It must be a delayed plane…or is it something more? Unfortunately, I’m wrong…very wrong. This is Chapter 1 of Saving the World. :) Forum link: Thanks for reading!
By: aalyoko
Created: 01/07/12
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By: ReeseLovesSims
Created: 10/27/09
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adorable pic of a new toddler that will come in takeaway girl :)
By: Angry_Angel
Created: 11/01/10
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Rikki, Fever and their new companion Rygan are runnin from the pirates, what will happen next?
By: santeladelta123
Created: 07/20/11
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4th installmment! 10 recs till next. New chapter next friday!
By: pattymuffinberg
Created: 04/10/10
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