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Mitchell asks Iris why she's living with Phillip and his family, so she looks back into a dark time in her past, and shares the story of why she is where she is now.
By: TaiNoodles216
Created: 08/03/12
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Heres some EP Ideas
By: 48hg484n84
Created: 12/27/11
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luna lvvy is a young adult
By: rachelkarlie10
Created: 10/30/13
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Animals I have seen in sims 3 Pets for those who wonder what the animals look like! And yes I have plenty of unicorn pictures for those people who wonder what they look like.
By: kitkat97132
Created: 08/06/12
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Please tell me if you agree with this! Read!Read!Read! And read to find out what!
By: sunkissed300
Created: 05/03/10
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this i s a story about love, hate, and drama.
By: TheSlapinator
Created: 03/29/14
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Lizzie & Abby: The College Diaries: Chapter 3: Abby Clawson: Lizzie and Abby have been best friends from childhood up till their high school graduation. With a life of twist and turns, they have been able to stick together and get through anything. Now with the duo starting college, will their friendship hold though? Or will their differences tear them apart?
By: evanglinababe19
Created: 08/15/14
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I was bored. NO PLOT or anything
By: BubblesLovesYall
Created: 09/09/13
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I have many questions. Who am I? Where is my family? Why am I crying so hard? And how did I end up in Limbo?
By: NomDePlumes
Created: 10/19/12
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Welcome to Riverview! This is the intro to a new story similar to my help series...but from a different point of view. Rec it if you like it. Please!
By: chellemh29
Created: 06/14/10
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