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The 2nd chapter of the Young Murderer. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Don't forget to recommend. Please or Rhea will haunt you. hehe j/k. HAPPY SIMMING!!!
By: kean4297
Created: 02/02/10
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My makeover show! 10 recs to continue! x AnimalGirl1606 xx
By: AnimalGirl1606
Created: 04/18/10
Recommendations: 28
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Birthdays, teen rebellion, and a coffee addiction... read and rec!
By: Cosmaline
Created: 08/13/11
Recommendations: 13
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The pictures of my creation California Style Mansion. Please recommend!!
By: grimrocker5
Created: 07/23/10
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Jenna Chandler attends Meagan's beach party, bringing along Kate with her. Liam quickly jumps in to spend time with Jenna, but luckily Kate is the way to escape him. Everything is going fine until Meagan walks in on Jenna and Kate together. How will Jenna deal with Meagan's cruel words? Please add me as a friend/recommend! Thank you, it means a lot.
By: chubbycatss
Created: 04/22/12
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Summer Rave lived in fear for eight years of her life, she has never had anyone to turn to when things get bad. She has seen rock bottom, and has wished for her life to end. But then when she realizes one person does care, can she finally get her self out of the dark tunnel she has been living in. Is Jay Lace Summer's Light. Is there a light at the end for fifteen year old Summer Rave?
By: Charlottefrances
Created: 07/27/12
Recommendations: 32
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Makeovers with Sasha! Our host Sasha Madison will give a special guest a makeover! Todays guest: Alexia Ricco
By: Simple_Dream
Created: 06/23/11
Recommendations: 30
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Oh yes, Finding The Real Frankie is back! Thank you to WiccanChic666 for inspiring me to do so, and for the awesome gifts :D I hope you enjoy the story AND I would really appreciate it if somebody somehow messaged me on how to make a forum...thank you and enjoy the story
By: Vicktory
Created: 04/10/10
Recommendations: 62
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(Chapter 3- Dana is confronted with a big problem!!)A small town filled with one BIG secret. Two kids are on an adventure they will never forget. Will they save the whole town and the lives of hundreds of people? Will anyone believe them when they say people are in danger? Find out as you read... THE OTHERS.
By: lovelyladylyss
Created: 04/13/10
Recommendations: 27
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The note. What does it say? Read to find out! xx
By: DWFan98
Created: 01/02/12
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