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This is my second version. The first was very rushed and did not show any demonstrations. I hope this is more clear! Please recommend if it helped, i would really like to know if i am really helping anyone! Happy Simming :D
By: Buseboots
Created: 10/11/13
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Hey guys! So chapter 1.3 of the Alavo's is up at livejournal! Why not give my legacy a shot? Go read it at >><< If you like it, Leave me a comment on livejournal or recommend it here! Any signs of appreciation is great! Love you all. Peace out! :)
By: WaWCc
Created: 03/05/13
Recommendations: 3
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Tasha and Robin just moved to Bridgeport. They are finding a place to stay for a while. So, they meet a group of boys in a band.
By: Sapphirestone
Created: 07/25/13
Recommendations: 12
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Welcome to the Sims 3 story board News. This is the third episode out . If I get enough recommendations I will continue this news and try to get in touch with as many people as I can. This episode is dated 10-10-10. It included the following: Alone in the darkness: A Story of Neglect! Dancing Love Series! Different: A Rainbowcy with a twist! The Eye of the Beholder- A Collaborative Shiftacy! Un-legacy! What’s hot on the Exchange! Question of the Week! Read and Enjoy, recommend please.
By: BRAR7936
Created: 10/10/10
Recommendations: 48
Views: 372
The beginning of the Okami Legacy. Can ten generations slay the monster and break the curse?
By: Lufferkinzify
Created: 02/13/11
Recommendations: 55
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this is a preview and i need 10 recs to continue wit hthis story and this is short because like i said this is a preview and i didnt want to make a whole big story if no one likes it so enjoy!I am sorry but this series is canceled! the game launcher wont let me upload my screen shots and if any of you simmers uot there know how to get pics to upoald then good for you....again sorry,rec. if you like this story though, well sort of a story, any way rec and enjoy
By: taytaypuppy
Created: 03/04/10
Recommendations: 27
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This is the brief history of my story..... please read, rec, and add me. Chapter one shall be out today.
By: LilyLovesGoths
Created: 06/23/11
Recommendations: 10
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Well My Sim Got Prego Then The Dad Dosent Wanna Be The Dad.
By: BillieJean96
Created: 07/21/10
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hey! Thanks for the reccs from the chapters before! Means alot. This Chapter has a double cliffhanger and before you navigate from this page press the little gren thumbs up please, Reccommend if your against abuse bullying or anything that hurts a person! Thanks! COmment on my forum or comments! Thanks!! :D
By: smileydg
Created: 08/12/11
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By: Zoelovessims
Created: 08/12/10
Recommendations: 33
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