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A few more cheats i worked out. Thought I'd let you know them.
By: SarahSim11
Created: 07/19/09
Recommendations: 6
Views: 374
Due to the threats of an unwanted visitor, Derrel and Morgana have the toughest choice of their lives to make: Should they tell the truth or continue on with a lie?
By: pip03
Created: 05/08/10
Recommendations: 68
Views: 374
Tamara Baker takes on the challenge of being the mother of 100 kids!
By: dani1122
Created: 08/15/10
Recommendations: 25
Views: 374
Ten years have past for little Raine Black. She is now thirteen and she has been sneaking snacks out of the fridge to cease her knawing hunger. But then she overhears something that could make her life infinetly better. Forum:
By: FireBird99
Created: 12/15/10
Recommendations: 59
Views: 374
Yes! It saved! 96 pages, that's a record! This is a brand new chapter, so you'd better read it :] I hope you'll enjoy it, and if you'd like to leave comments: Don't forget to rec (only if you liked it though)
By: Island6
Created: 01/15/11
Recommendations: 43
Views: 374
Three young roomates live together with one holding a deep secret. Will his secret be reaveled?
By: bjbookworm
Created: 05/23/11
Recommendations: 10
Views: 374
Star Crossed Lovers-part two. Shia and Josiah go to prom, get married and start their life. But tragedy strikes. Please read and rec-ty :)
By: Izziebelle
Created: 03/21/10
Recommendations: 21
Views: 374
Ops…To all the people who read my stories. You might want to read this. This is how I’m going to disappear!
By: Shrzg1
Created: 02/12/10
Recommendations: 16
Views: 374
Chapter Three: You Jelly? - When Elisa and Ben become too close for Roger's liking, Roger gets a feeling he has never felt before: Jealousy. (Check out the Bro Code Directory:
By: knh330
Created: 06/24/13
Recommendations: 8
Views: 374
READ THE FIRST ONE THEN THIS ONE a true story 'bout what happened to my sims if u dont read the first one u won't understabd it!
By: unreliable
Created: 10/30/09
Recommendations: 4
Views: 374