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By: 7Pizza7
Created: 08/04/13
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This is the first installment of my Second Chance story. It follows Hailey Bowers in her quest for love and happiness. I hope you like it! And if you do, maybe you can recommend it.
By: TaHigley30
Created: 06/12/09
Recommendations: 5
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Hailie Bennis in Chapter 1 ~before and after~ Hailie seeks to find her new self but not everything turns out the way she wanted she ran from her miserable pathetic life and is now in the middle of no-where With no-one to be seen so now she is all on her own Her new life. all she wanted is to live a better life but she can't anymore everything and the only person she can blame is herself because she dragged herself into it Will she continue her freedom? or go back to her old Life? Read to find out Xxx
By: bh7516
Created: 06/27/13
Recommendations: 5
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Neighbor is turned against neighbor when the Revolutionary War breaks out between the Tories and the Patriots. After his wife falls ill, Nolan Barlow watches in horror as his farm crumbles around him. Meanwhile in England, the Ainsworth family dines in riches as they bid their father goodbye as he heads off to fight in America. How the two families meet is incredible, and it is manners vs. manors as the rich outweigh the poor and the the privileged slaughter the innocent.
By: astrodisneygirl
Created: 07/13/12
Recommendations: 28
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I'd like to know who said cheating was bad!
By: koulkat
Created: 06/29/10
Recommendations: 14
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Lena Sweet is new on Sunset Valley. Will she be happy?
By: GinaEstrela98
Created: 09/07/11
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By: summerdawn18
Created: 10/19/11
Recommendations: 6
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Florence finds her mothers old journal, and something happens to Shayne.
By: AffectedPulse
Created: 01/16/11
Recommendations: 22
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So much drama! Things in this once partially peaceful home are about to go downhill in chapter 11 of All Roses Have Thorns
By: mylee407
Created: 05/19/12
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I'm a big, bold, and sassy fairy. I hope I can make it. I've never been popular. Do I even have a chance? Barely, if any. 3 recs to continue please.
By: BriannaM911
Created: 09/23/12
Recommendations: 7
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