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By: liam7695
Created: 12/10/09
Recommendations: 11
Views: 415
Easter Special! When Abi goes to France for Easter her life may change forever...
By: kipper123
Created: 04/23/11
Recommendations: 23
Views: 415
Flashbacks, Fights and Much more. Anne sees the bad in her boy and faces a terrible event. Are dreams really a clip of your future?
By: Alexandriamags
Created: 05/18/13
Recommendations: 7
Views: 415
By: kkann
Created: 02/05/10
Recommendations: 14
Views: 415
Emily hates her stepdad. He abuses her when her mom goes out. What should she do and who shold she tell? Plz rec its my 4th story ive made
By: Oliviasimsrock
Created: 01/28/11
Recommendations: 6
Views: 415
By: balianna123
Created: 03/21/11
Recommendations: 20
Views: 415
The introduction to my new series. It's a drama-filled story about Summer Blossom High from the Brimington Family's point of view.
By: Slushpuppy19
Created: 12/23/09
Recommendations: 10
Views: 415
This is the story of the beautiful Nicola Patel, an artist, a romantic, and a new resident of Barnacle Bay.
By: HeatherM
Created: 09/29/10
Recommendations: 29
Views: 415
Wow.....I haven't posted the Evans in ages!! Well that is going to change since I have 5 more chapters to post :P This chapter the kids move out, Nevada is taught her skills and Ainsley no longer has a chainsaw but rather a chisel, and she gets fat!! :D Please read and recommend!!! Comments can be left on Happy Simming!
By: XxHavanaxX
Created: 11/02/10
Recommendations: 10
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Please read simmers
By: GoGreen
Created: 11/20/09
Recommendations: 9
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