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The Parker Legacy generation 1, chapter 3. The twins' plan unfolds, we find out Nemo is afraid of heights, there are birthday's galore and a new member is added to the family! Please enjoy and recommend. Also, check out my live journal to recommend names! I will hopefully continue to update chapters there, but we will see.
By: audge2041
Created: 02/13/10
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This is the last one! Will the sea take her grandmother away or will she be saved?
By: SwEeTsImS7745
Created: 06/25/09
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The Wrong Choice is a horror story. It is about a girl named Stacie. She gets married and has two kids. After her sons first birthday, everything goes wrong.
By: Sims123Mania
Created: 07/01/09
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The first chapter of Twins Life. Tasha's life seems to be perfect. However her twin sister Sophia's isn't as good. She is annoyed that her sister got the man of her dreams. What will she do?
By: via2k11
Created: 07/23/12
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Images of my lot, Contemporary Cliffhanger. The lot is available in my studio
By: enkeli63
Created: 02/04/11
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Babies are born, read to find out! Please Reccomened, i need at least 5 rec`s to continue, just to encourage me to continue writing and having kids. Thank-you ahead of time reading!!
By: CaseyRae5006
Created: 04/12/10
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Courtney is preparing for a party when she gets an unexpected visitor, Mary who isnt happy with her. Also Courtney is surprised when she gets home to find something or someone who doesnt belong
By: DiNozzo1234
Created: 08/23/10
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By: chilcchick2000
Created: 06/06/11
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By: hmw123
Created: 01/08/10
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Just some images and short description of a lot I uploaded.
By: KatzMeowz
Created: 09/14/12
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