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Chapter one of a legacy!!
By: misadiebabe
Created: 06/05/09
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Please enter and read all the rules.
By: helenaparr
Created: 04/26/12
Recommendations: 4
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The note. What does it say? Read to find out! xx
By: DWFan98
Created: 01/02/12
Recommendations: 17
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I am dirt poor. I don't have a house. I only have enough money for breakfast and dinner. I sleep at the visa resort. I look upon my watch and see it is time for dinner. Little did I know what would happen that would change my life forever...
By: fl0e
Created: 07/21/11
Recommendations: 21
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SEX... BANG! Now your engaged, i'll start my paragraph. ;) With Violet in intensive care, Agnes has found herself the main suspect in this case and now she's in custody... Please rec and comment on the forum ;)
By: liam7695
Created: 10/08/10
Recommendations: 12
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The Hope family grows and Ian finally gets the thing he longs for the most.
By: LolaLuv2009
Created: 03/25/11
Recommendations: 23
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By: Sammygirl898
Created: 07/03/11
Recommendations: 3
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Hello again, welcome to chapter 2 of the Moka Family Legacy. I will have to split the chapter up, as I cannot publish it as a whole chapter. Believe me, I tried. Sooo, please reccomend and check out my Forum. You can find the link on my blog. This chapter is named 'Cuteness' for obvious reasons. Read on Simmers and HAPPY SIMMING!
By: sanarith
Created: 02/24/11
Recommendations: 13
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This is a short story from two points of views from start to finish about a broken hearted girl, can she learn to trust again? Or is she going to follow a dangerous road? Can Ben help her be herself again?
By: Charlie12309
Created: 08/29/10
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This is a sequel to the mermaids.
Created: 04/21/11
Recommendations: 3
Views: 385