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A mother sits down with her daughter to tell her a story from many years ago of a life and love she once had.
By: Poison28
Created: 07/17/09
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awsum new 100 baby challenge :)! Go 2 my forum here >>
By: squaresponge123
Created: 12/17/10
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It's 2030 and the AIDS pandemic is in full swing. In fact, ever since abortion was made illegal there has been too many people with the killer HIV virus, which they pass onto their children unless they are really lucky. We follow the sad life of Leslie Brown, one of the unlucky ones, who will have to go through with everything life has to offer whilst knowing the worst is yet to come; knowing that she has accidentally killed her own child. How will she cope? This is chapter 1.
By: prettyone27
Created: 03/20/11
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This is my frist attempt at a Legacy. It begins with young adult Eleni Starr and her hopes and dreams of being something, someone far greater than anyone has ever believed she'd ever be. Eleni has set her heart on showing the world that she to belongs and that someday her name will forever be remembered as a rags to riches story even if it takes her family after her death to rise to that aspiration.
By: Trinket
Created: 09/03/09
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By: Army008
Created: 12/30/09
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What I think the next sims 3 game should have, if nothing else!! Recommend if you think so too.
By: hayhayle
Created: 12/11/09
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Recommend 20 times to get a USABLE school! More information in the story. This is not an April fools joke ('cause it has only one page).
By: jenjjiyo
Created: 04/15/10
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Destiny can be so cruel. With a disease that runs in the family, Anthony and Katelyn have No Hope For Tomorrow.
By: All4candy
Created: 06/09/12
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By: sims2fan313
Created: 01/19/10
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Four girls with four powers comes with great responsibility. The beginning of the story sounds fun and exciting, but it soon gets dark and scary when a horrible secret is revealed. Can the girls keep evil away, and keep their powers?
By: Haynah
Created: 09/04/09
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