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The tenth chapter of the Watson Legacy.
By: SunsetValley01
Created: 09/25/09
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Kev and Alice Bin Diver from Simmer Roburky, I downloaded them and played them for a bit. i eventually aged Alice up to young adult, had her become a lesbian with my sim Kelly Johnston, and they moved in together, living happily ever after. Alice's lifetime wish ended up to become a Surgeon, after I successfully aged her to teen giving her the genius trait, and then young adult, giving her ambitious! Living in an abandoned park wasn't too hard when you know Sunset Valley! The Gym and Library really help!
By: kidalia
Created: 08/08/09
Recommendations: 4
Views: 409
this is about a girl who is a teenger and has had kids
By: slapgirl12345
Created: 01/21/12
Recommendations: 8
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Clarabelle is anything but normal. She was brought to Earth in a pod from a far away planet in the depths of another galaxy. Scientists prodded and poked her until she was three months old and freed by a lab assistant and given to a farmgirl, Anna Johnson.
By: schoollover6784
Created: 01/29/12
Recommendations: 9
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Will Janelle be able to change her identical twin sister's evil ways before she is blamed for the evil things done by Macy, her evil twin? Evil.
By: Rdaneeloliva
Created: 08/29/10
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Flip Style = fixing and changing someones style. (this is not a real definition of Flip Style, Flip Style is probably not in a dictionary)
By: pocodez
Created: 06/19/10
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well this is laura sim on her first day in town
By: kelseygurll
Created: 06/04/09
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A tour of my upload "The Heavenly Hacienda" Beautiful Spanish Style beach home!
By: Angelllite7
Created: 04/07/10
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Please enter! I might say your question on story and make a sim JUST FOR YOU! you must have a question video/story
By: aprilscott2
Created: 11/29/12
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Appetizer or first course dish? the Zucchini and Pumpkin cream can be served as both.
By: Lumysims2000
Created: 11/25/11
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