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By: candel17
Created: 10/11/10
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A teenage girl finds out her mother is pregnant. While her parents are getting a divorc.
By: len1980
Created: 06/17/09
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Séarlait gets an unpleasant reminder from the Twins. A new addition to the household leaves Sarah with a snarl and we meet Leonie.
By: Simlover113
Created: 03/12/11
Recommendations: 8
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My entry to the Build 'n' Share Olympic Village challenge
By: Scoiattolo
Created: 03/03/10
Recommendations: 10
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A new type of legacy
By: jcoppy
Created: 01/08/10
Recommendations: 6
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Shane is the cursed product of the unholy union between the Angel of Mercy and the Demon of Death. Born with the spirit spun by the Fates themselves and bestowed the beauty of her highness Aphrodite, Shane is best known to the world as The Golden Ratio. A perfectly horrible, saintly, and demonic child, it is fortold that Shane will be the death of us all. Cursed with the decision to make the final fate, Shane is teetering on the edge between her cruelest cravings and her most merciful whims.
By: GreenEyes94
Created: 01/23/11
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READ!Plz Rec If You Agree!
By: Isobelturtle
Created: 04/02/10
Recommendations: 17
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Chapter 2 of the Stoneridge Orphanage story. Delanie gets caught copying Leonna's homework and Camille gets revenge on Miss Crenshaw!
By: littlered123
Created: 08/12/10
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By: alex4567
Created: 10/30/12
Recommendations: 4
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Part two! If you haven't read the first part I recommend you read it! So how is Jenna getting on with living on the streets? I'm not good at writing descriptions but please read and recommend if you like it!! thanks x
By: babyskela
Created: 06/15/09
Recommendations: 16
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