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Its not one of those findamanhaveakidgetmarriedtheend legacy's its whateverthehelliwantittobe legacy, kk.
By: trollabob
Created: 08/08/10
Recommendations: 14
Views: 423
Not every bully wins.
By: BrockJames7
Created: 07/17/14
Recommendations: 1
Views: 423
This is chapter 3 of Forever India. As India gets a call from Damen it looks like things might start to change but after a scare from her past what will be in store for Damen & India.
By: Lottie1010
Created: 04/11/11
Recommendations: 24
Views: 423
Everyone has a secret they'd rather take with them to the grave. Phineas Sinclair is no exception. Having been on the run for years he finds himself in Sunset Valley hoping to leave as soon as possible but a will and an estate change his plans. Rec! XD
By: AcidHammy
Created: 12/17/10
Recommendations: 25
Views: 423
Greg and Abigal diovorce for their daughter's sake. And Abigal is ***** by him.
By: Jayyyy
Created: 07/24/09
Recommendations: 5
Views: 422
I know I know, another rant. I don't care but this NEEDS to stop!!! And if you don't agree, don't rec! But I WANT to see a change! Really this needs to stop!
By: LeiLeiLuva
Created: 10/21/10
Recommendations: 59
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Bloody Hell?
By: Elizabeth2345
Created: 07/15/10
Recommendations: 6
Views: 422
Brendan's mom is getting more and more suspicious about the situation and another shock arrives as he comes home from school.
By: Denimg8
Created: 01/04/12
Recommendations: 27
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Chapter 1 of Faultless is out! I'm not asking for rec's I'm just asking for views so PLEASE READ!!!!
By: Havana123
Created: 03/30/10
Recommendations: 31
Views: 422
Daniella's brother, Charlie, recently went on a rampage after doing drugs behind her back and murdered her family and friends. Charlie is then sentenced for dealing a lifetime in prison, leaving Daniella depressed and chronically grieving each moment. Even anti-depressants won't relieve her. With the question of "What's the meaning of life without anyone you love?" floating around in her head. Will she commit suicide? <_>?
By: Simsation01
Created: 11/25/10
Recommendations: 16
Views: 422