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Its scary
By: glavvies
Created: 07/17/09
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Hope this helps!
By: mandy5
Created: 07/19/10
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"So a day when you've lost yourself completely Could be a night when your life ends Such a heart that will lead you to deceiving"
By: Jenni
Created: 08/18/10
Recommendations: 23
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The legacy continues. Elizabeth is surprised to find out that she is pregnant, and even more when Kendrik returns home, and with a girl.
By: vampireXheart
Created: 06/25/12
Recommendations: 6
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This is a tour of "A New Start" home that was created for the Build and Share Challenge Home for the Homeless.
By: Terentia
Created: 08/22/09
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Sophia Espy is a frugal, insane, friendly mom of a little girl named Sophie (after herself) who is a bit of a loner. They buy an abandoned park and try to make it by living off the land.
By: alura22000
Created: 06/13/09
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The twenty-third installment of the Beck legacy.
By: ClaudiaVanTramp
Created: 08/20/09
Recommendations: 32
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At a young age, Amellia Rose moved out of her parents mansion to live a better life with more freedom. But when her parents mysteriously die, she is suddenly the sole Heir of 'Rose Manor'. Dealing with solving the mysteries surronding her parents deaths and finding love where she least expects it, Amellia must also stop a murder from taking place; a price that could cost her her life. Forum:
By: Hollinshead
Created: 08/02/11
Recommendations: 38
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By: TotalGirls
Created: 09/16/10
Recommendations: 3
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By: ginapatera
Created: 07/20/12
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