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The Twenty-Fourth Chapter! This slightly short chapter is filled with, der, Plumbobs, also a Snotty Magician, a horrible fiance stealing, our heiress being boring, Terrible Twins going into the Trouble T-children,!
By: The_Blue_Maiden
Created: 12/29/09
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Romana is taken from her home, to be experimanted on. IS she special or just a Doll for the Doctor?
By: ilovescampers
Created: 09/14/10
Recommendations: 35
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Dexter Maloney's life hangs in the balance as Lainie anxiously waits for him to wake up! After saving dozy Selena from getting knocked down, Dexter was hit by the car himself and now lies unconscious on a hospital bed! What will it take for him to come round? Is Lainie's love and devotion going to be enough?
By: LJFoxie
Created: 07/07/13
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Daniella's brother, Charlie, recently went on a rampage after doing drugs behind her back and murdered her family and friends. Charlie is then sentenced for dealing a lifetime in prison, leaving Daniella depressed and chronically grieving each moment. Even anti-depressants won't relieve her. With the question of "What's the meaning of life without anyone you love?" floating around in her head. Will she commit suicide? <_>?
By: Simsation01
Created: 11/25/10
Recommendations: 16
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12 true facts
By: xXxKatiexXx
Created: 07/09/09
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Chapter Seven of TLC. Ashley wants to try and speed up the competition, but how?
By: Punkyclo
Created: 05/07/12
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Then it hit me all at once. Why I had been at my cabin in the first place, I don’t live there like Judy and Julia lived in there’s. I was running a way from something, but I don’t remember what. “Umm err I don’t know how to say this” Judy said, kind of stumbling over her words. “Just spit it out!” I yelled. “I’m sorry I wasn’t trying to yell.” I said. “Ok, well here it goes, Misty,
By: pooh90
Created: 05/26/10
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The force!
By: DogPawz
Created: 07/27/09
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All I can say is enjoy! Trust me this won't actually be a normal legacy. There will be small little surprises, or maybe even HUGE surprises! JUST READ IT!!!! Lol I need 5 recs to continue!
By: basketballplaya
Created: 03/22/10
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Recomend this little intro if you want to see the legacy begin! and email me at for name suggestions.
By: VampireAcadamy
Created: 12/31/09
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