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The poll for my new legacy, the Clands,is here! Please read about each possible heir and vote!
By: santeladelta123
Created: 07/31/11
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Please enter! I might say your question on story and make a sim JUST FOR YOU! you must have a question video/story
By: aprilscott2
Created: 11/29/12
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You are beautiful :)
By: Kelsey2745
Created: 05/03/13
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Chapter five of the York family story! In this chapter it follows Jess Jr, and Jojo as they attempt to learn how to walk, talk, and learn how to use the toilet. Meanwhile it is obvious the spark has not died down in the marriage between Anima and Jessica. Chadwick turns out to be a perv and make one of the photos in this chapter look really dirty.
By: Wlfgrl08
Created: 01/31/11
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This is an intro for queen to be. it is 'bout a princess who must go though a series of lesssons before becoming queen. enjoy!
By: cloeanddixie
Created: 12/05/10
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Recomend this little intro if you want to see the legacy begin! and email me at for name suggestions.
By: VampireAcadamy
Created: 12/31/09
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Walkthrough for Build-N-Share Week 6 Entry. Available at
By: Kitkat7145
Created: 11/07/09
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Death, Brats and Engagments.
By: EmilyBee
Created: 09/13/09
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Inspirationalcat, you should read this! OMG, it's my only spam story! :DD
By: creationrules
Created: 12/07/09
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All Information To Help Your Sim And Yourself To Have A Smooth Pregnancy. Don't Forget To Read EVERYTHING!
By: MellySims3
Created: 06/07/10
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