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part 3 is here(= trouble stirs up for McKayla ever since Quinn enterted the household. recc and comment(= hope you like it
By: 2Fast2Furious
Created: 01/04/11
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Takes you inside Beach Cove Cottage for a closer look!
By: pinkcrushx12
Created: 09/07/09
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You will need it
By: sad11
Created: 06/18/11
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Genre: Survival Horror (Zombies) Plot: In this chapter, Sharon and her two children Jenna and Ben come across a few 'zombies'. Which makes Sharon crash her car and awaking an hour later to find that her children are missing. Leaving Sharon to venture around the infected city of Sunset Valley...
By: Adele_Ashworth
Created: 02/20/11
Recommendations: 26
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don is now her boyfriend and she might be pregnant read to find out.
By: padlan
Created: 07/31/09
Recommendations: 8
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12 true facts
By: xXxKatiexXx
Created: 07/09/09
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Damon Salvatore has never really cared for anyone. He did care for Katherine a long time ago, but she’s no longer in his life. Now moving to North Carolina with his brother Stefan and his new fiancée Elena everything in his life is about to change. Never in his wildest dreams did he ever think he would fall in love again. Especially with someone like Nevaeh Clark. Everything about her is different.
By: sweetpea90001
Created: 05/03/10
Recommendations: 9
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Time for the girls to set out on another challenge
By: OceanSaphire
Created: 08/21/10
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By: amypete97
Created: 11/09/11
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Yet another random pics!
By: kittywitty333
Created: 11/05/10
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