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My Screenshots of my lot for the Build-N-Share Competition #38.
By: Daenarys82
Created: 02/21/10
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Views: 437
this is about a girl who is a teenger and has had kids
By: slapgirl12345
Created: 01/21/12
Recommendations: 8
Views: 437
Jenna is a girl with very special ability. The ability to read minds. When She's shipped of to a boarding school in who know's where she is confronted bya scary headmistress and two of the meanest girl's she's ever met. She wonders why she's her and what this year has in store for her
By: purplekitcat31
Created: 10/21/10
Recommendations: 18
Views: 437
This is the first chapter of the King Legacy. You'll find that my founder is really different than most.
By: marcusspencer13
Created: 07/02/10
Recommendations: 2
Views: 437
collection of pictures of my favourite sims
By: Witoy
Created: 09/14/12
Recommendations: 2
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This, my friends, is a story about a girl. As stories go, things are never quiet as easy as they seem, you might have a lot of chapters ahead of you... so what do you say... Shall we begin? Please note, this story will very likely include swearing, rudeness. And eventually violence and mild nudity, too You will find the chapters on this blog:
By: annasommer
Created: 09/14/13
Recommendations: 4
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A story about a runaway girl, trying to make it on her own (added difficulty)
By: Dida_Quickswitch
Created: 01/19/14
Recommendations: 3
Views: 437
The first ballet steps of the Sim, Nina Francois!
By: mionemoo
Created: 02/06/10
Recommendations: 5
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Mistake's first publishing of Sims 3 Playboy May 2013
By: mistake_kat564
Created: 05/08/13
Recommendations: 2
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Melody was a normal girl who was raised well and proper. Then she met Martin. A handsome guy who seemed alright...until he started going insane. He grew obessed with her and soon wanted her to be his. That night she will never forget.
By: Coraski
Created: 10/04/11
Recommendations: 16
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