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Snapshots of my new victorian home Farnham House
By: kimjo313
Created: 05/07/10
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Camella was the original town girl untill she Woke, Everybody was missing. The vampires that she thought were extinct know took her in, As the queen and king's Daughter. Camella wasnt the only one who's story was the same. Her journey is famous especially with the guy shes eternially in love with, Darek. Tune in daily to see if there is a New post!
By: Fabuluus1
Created: 09/30/12
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This is a true story about what my friend, Bethany is going through. It is a sad, touching tale.
By: welovesims1
Created: 09/15/11
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Yep its another legacy......but with a twist! I have never seen something like this on the story board so I thought I would start it :D Please read and recommend if you want!
By: XxHavanaxX
Created: 07/24/10
Recommendations: 37
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All Blake wants is a True Luve. Will he find it with the girls that cam all the way from simlandia such as Cornucopia,Alpine shores,Riverview and Sunset Valley. What will happen wait to see.
By: TruBlu98
Created: 03/14/10
Recommendations: 4
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Baby Notorious tries to come to terms with her future as a wife and mother but she manages to pull off an evil scheme at the same time.
By: seaweedy
Created: 05/30/10
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(i was bored so hey i just wanted to make a long story) an crazy story with an twist and then ending with an crazy ending
By: tiffanyharvey75
Created: 05/31/09
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watch while listening to this link: All rights to Nancy Drew go to HERINTERACTIVE.
By: jesse40
Created: 11/26/12
Recommendations: 8
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Hermia Capp is now living in Bridgeport, as a vampire. Her sister is gone.. and maybe someone else. But... Hermia will not let that happen... If she does, the world will end..
By: isis332
Created: 06/04/11
Recommendations: 14
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Join us on these adventures through local sim weddings. Reccomend if you like and future chapters will be longer.
By: Polanish
Created: 10/13/11
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