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After the birth of Brady and Aryana's twins and his constant climbing of the career ladder, things are looking good for the young unlikely couple...with more happiness to come over the next few months you would think that Aryana would be complete...but the success of her superstar husband is beginning to make her feel frumpy and a makeover turns out to be the make or break she has been dreading! Here is Chapter 4!
By: LJFoxie
Created: 08/10/09
Recommendations: 6
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In this chapter we make two important discoveries, one being very grave (Hence why I named this Chapter the Grave Discovery), and one being very...interesting? Not sure how to explain it. Anyways, please rec if you liked, but also leave comments here: Comments mean more to me then recs.
By: Island6
Created: 01/30/11
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EA, You better fix this, NOW!!!!!
By: LegoJoe
Created: 12/20/09
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She Believed, He Lied Chapter 2-Sheela and Freddy have their B-days, and Freddy gives Sheela a little birthday gift, that she loves. Little does she know she is NOT the luckiest girl in the world, Freddy is even getting closer to breaking her heart.S[he] Be[lie]ve[d]
By: bigbopster
Created: 03/25/10
Recommendations: 35
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My new story. It's a bit short but I hope you like it!
By: bethbutton
Created: 04/17/12
Recommendations: 10
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Please read if you would be willing to make a sim for my story, "Never In A Million Years"!
By: Hollinshead
Created: 02/05/11
Recommendations: 12
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Chapter three. Learn the stranger's name.
By: Ninneveh
Created: 06/28/09
Recommendations: 17
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Here are a few photos of some weird faces my sim made. Please rec! :) Enjoy!
By: Eemyaj
Created: 11/23/10
Recommendations: 19
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What will happen when Cloak and Samantha find love and dig down deep into Samantha's past problems? Also, will Samantha really be sent back to dead by Cloak's own relative? ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Offical Forum *Please Check Out*:
By: Biff11
Created: 07/07/11
Recommendations: 37
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ronie is growing up the same as rihanna's love for brandon
By: kittykatkatie
Created: 06/01/11
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