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Its disgusting\wierd\disturbing\glithchy\EW.
Created: 01/30/10
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By: Samatha2265
Created: 02/20/10
Recommendations: 5
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Pleasee read!! If you haven't read the other chapters, I suggest you do so. Add me!!
By: vickyb12
Created: 05/24/10
Recommendations: 37
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My legacy heir poll: Generation 6. If you want to vote, type in "Candy Legacy: Generation 6 Heir Poll" on the search box in the forum. Thank you!
By: Lalabhead9
Created: 12/12/09
Recommendations: 2
Views: 387
In this chapter Melanie is going at the party with Kendall. And you'll see a very dramatic thing going in the chapter! Read to see the details!
By: Selena335
Created: 06/24/11
Recommendations: 12
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Candice and Jeb have another baby. Casey is contemplating moving out and Dale is struggling with his studies. Blanche and David are growing older quickly and Candice and Jeb become fully grown adults. Enjoy the next exciting chapter in the Devereaux Family Legacy.
By: Jendowoz
Created: 09/12/09
Recommendations: 11
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Sorry this is NTO the twisted chapter! Chapter 5 will be twisted as ever, but hope you enjoy it!
By: batty71
Created: 04/03/11
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Daniella's brother, Charlie, recently went on a rampage after doing drugs behind her back and murdered her family and friends. Charlie is then sentenced for dealing a lifetime in prison, leaving Daniella depressed and chronically grieving each moment. Even anti-depressants won't relieve her. With the question of "What's the meaning of life without anyone you love?" floating around in her head. Will she commit suicide? <_>?
By: Simsation01
Created: 11/25/10
Recommendations: 16
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Jessica is raised by her struggling father after her mother abandons them.
By: iPlaySims7899
Created: 02/02/11
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The housemates all move into the same house and have to deal with eachothers differences. Will it ever work out or will there just be fights over stuff?
By: utchelld
Created: 08/03/10
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