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I feel that descriptions will ruin the story so i'm not doing them anymore
Created: 03/14/10
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A preview of my house, Coraleye Corners.
By: alanmc12
Created: 07/27/09
Recommendations: 7
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My name is Faith Bennett and i don't have much time left. Faith appears to be your normal teenager but harbours a dangerous secret that she is unaware of, surrounded by friends Faith still feels alone and isolated from the world, Why is she so different? Follow Faith on her journey to discover who she is...
By: rhos
Created: 05/28/12
Recommendations: 25
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hey read and think
By: jake06
Created: 02/11/10
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A tour of my 5k Micro Starter home.
By: exdemon1120
Created: 08/08/09
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Please read and Reccomend! I want 5 reccomends to continue thanks so much!! I Hope you like it, and continue reading!! THank you in advance!!
By: CaseyRae5006
Created: 04/13/10
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An old flame is back to haunt me. O_O Please read and recommend!
By: Thesims2kelly13
Created: 08/22/09
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The intraduction to my new series staring Katie Doll, DollHouse
By: Balivianna
Created: 12/18/10
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Please Read I am sick of ALL OF THIS! READ AND REC IF YOU AGREE! :(
By: liln149
Created: 09/30/11
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This is my second legacy. Hopefully it will last longer than the first. :/
By: not_the_sun
Created: 08/02/09
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