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The story of a stalker and his once love (it's much funnier then the bio sounds trust me)
By: Abby1fan
Created: 06/27/09
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Don't Like it? Don't read! Hate it give me SOMETHING to do
By: Love8
Created: 12/23/12
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(3) "Who Is This Guy?"
By: aubreeawesome
Created: 09/30/12
Recommendations: 28
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By: tiffgotswagga67
Created: 05/17/13
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Twilight, in my own words :)
By: MegaAnnieMoore
Created: 01/06/13
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By: LilMissPrincess2
Created: 11/25/12
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An Art Studio that consists of two floors, a bedroom, and one and a half baths. Parking lot and garden included. I forgot to make it day for most of the indoor shots so it's a bit dark... The whole house is inspired by others on the same street so it doesn't throw off the style. I only used Sims 3 and World Adventure items, flooring, plants, etc. This is an entry for the Build-n-Share Weekly Challenge #42 - Heated Ambitions.
By: capturedmuse
Created: 03/28/10
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a Technophobic is someone who is scared of technoligy Can a computer gain a life of it's own? Not sutible for emotional people (15+) rec if you like it :] and comment!
By: Yumishi
Created: 12/06/11
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Hey simmers! This is my second How To... guide! Thanks for all the recs on the first one! BlueNosedFriendxxx
By: BlueNosedFriend
Created: 07/04/11
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ENJOY this cheat codes
By: jj24153
Created: 10/11/09
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