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Please read and rec! :)
By: sims1029
Created: 09/10/11
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On Making Over Sunset valley we help out a unusual girl with a very unusual style.
By: Girlysims681
Created: 07/26/10
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Pictures from The Lilac Stone Manor. Built for Build and Share Week #33 Rebel Princess. Lot found here: Enjoy!
By: Brainamp
Created: 01/20/10
Recommendations: 10
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The Goody Two-Shoes Legacy! Chpater 1 Gen 1
By: Ameri
Created: 11/22/09
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omg i got with a girl don't you think it's weird?!!
By: Royals
Created: 03/15/10
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Chapter 4 of the INSANE(ly funny) legacy! Bree becomes a toddler and Stiles, Bree, and YOU are all in for a surprise. Enjoy!
By: RabbitKid
Created: 08/19/10
Recommendations: 32
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Made this for fun i was really bored :P hope u guys like it!
By: girlsrock234
Created: 05/13/13
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Chapter 6
By: tiffgotswagga67
Created: 05/25/13
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By: ihatejustinbieber
Created: 10/12/12
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"I'm Baaack!" I brought back Twizzler but she's not the same. I am going to attempt to make another baby challenge but this one I will continue and hopefully it will be pretty good. Enjoy, :)
By: ChocolateBar22
Created: 07/09/10
Recommendations: 26
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