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Chapter three is finally out! Unfortunately, I had to do this chapter in 2 parts, like i did the first chapter. Here is part 1!
By: Beth8301
Created: 05/20/10
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This is my house... It's small.. dilapidated ... and the yard is to "die" for.. (literally). Please.. Can you Flip my Lot?
By: Anidenari
Created: 04/15/10
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This was a great time to me making this. I had loads of fun doing these little stunts on here and making them into a little slideshow on the sims 3 website! I hope to do more soon. :)
By: BlairSoLovely
Created: 01/25/12
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When Ivy goes to the graveyard one night to use the scene for her book, the most shocking thing happens! Ivy finds out from a reliable ghost, Cornelius, that it is her destiny to become the Queen of Ghostland. This is the first chapter of Ghosttown, and much more is to come! Please check back everyday to see if I have added another FREEKY chapter to Ghosttown...
By: fantasyPearl
Created: 11/07/09
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By: populargal8
Created: 08/23/11
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Aoxa doesnt deserve to see rudeness writen on this amazing website,all u ppl writing all this rude crap should be ashamed of ur-self,that is rude,so plz read)and recomeend)
By: isabella123456
Created: 10/01/09
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This is my Asian-themed villa. Please download if you like it!
By: xkattykatx
Created: 01/24/10
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More stop-motion. I will post more soon. Hope you people like this one too!
By: saraka686
Created: 03/24/10
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The story of a stalker and his once love (it's much funnier then the bio sounds trust me)
By: Abby1fan
Created: 06/27/09
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its very good
By: janceisa
Created: 12/11/09
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