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We have a very special announcement! =D Please read and recommend!
By: Thesims2kelly13
Created: 08/14/09
Recommendations: 37
Views: 470
A tour of my latest house 'Rose Cottage', as conducted by the House Inspectors Zuma and Aerryn. Link to house:
By: FuryRed
Created: 09/27/09
Recommendations: 9
Views: 470
This is the intro to my new series. If you think that I should start doing chapter 1, I need at least 5-10 recs! Thanks and please read this!
By: chama123
Created: 02/07/10
Recommendations: 34
Views: 470
This to me is really funny, and if you like it please become my new buddy! Thanks for WATCHING, Anyway it's pictures of a story of when the grim reaper slacks off! Glitches Cheats and some weird things. Don't mind the Girl in the Bikini, she was just part of the funny! LOL Shiningstar26. P.S. I will keep on editing this video everytime I see the Grim Reaper do something weird again. Enjoy :)
By: shiningstar26
Created: 09/23/09
Recommendations: 7
Views: 470
Elisa Hart was born on the Winter Solstice, on that same day her mother died. Now a shy and scared girl, abused by her father Elisa feels hopeless in a world that has been nothing but cruel towards her. Can she find a way to save herself before she falls even further down?
By: Vrenna
Created: 12/16/10
Recommendations: 53
Views: 470
What will happened when Izzy's mom gets fired. And was the baby a boy or a girl?
By: Yas004
Created: 07/06/11
Recommendations: 18
Views: 470
This short story follows the life of Jamie a struggling young mother.
By: miraheckmann
Created: 06/18/11
Recommendations: 30
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"Do you take this woman to be your wife?" "I do" "And do you take this man to be your husband?" "I don't"
By: Hollinshead
Created: 03/08/11
Recommendations: 39
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Some names for boy sims!
By: Julia2599
Created: 07/27/09
Recommendations: 4
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I find this Mummy from Sphinx what is on Egypt. Thank For Watcching :)
By: carrythxd
Created: 01/17/10
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