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BnS-#60-61 Sims Libs
By: angelnga169
Created: 08/02/10
Recommendations: 5
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Michelle Tate is having a crisis. Her boyfriend Adrian James is with another girl - a beautiful, fake girl with plastic surgery to make her hips and breasts bigger - and she knows it. This means that Michelle wants to end it with Adrian. However, she doesn't know how to tell him that she doesn't love him; after all, she is a good, kind girl with a good, kind heart. How will she tell him that she doesn't love him? Will she even have the courage to tell him that he's dumped? This is the introduction.
By: prettyone27
Created: 10/23/10
Recommendations: 55
Views: 462
By: Nadd
Created: 07/15/09
Recommendations: 8
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Natalia is one of the last people of her tribe. After the hidden members of her tribe were found hunters targeted her to capture. Now she's running.
By: Rusty333P
Created: 08/19/10
Recommendations: 29
Views: 462
Kaleidoscope Eyes, chapter 3. Faye moves into her college apartment and meets her noisy neighbors and her very... odd roommate. Welcome to Paradise.
By: hellohannah2
Created: 06/03/12
Recommendations: 59
Views: 462
Four people, two good, two evil, trying to live with each, reach the top of their careers, and fighting a very secret war against each other. Good or Evil, who will win?
By: ginnymalfoy22
Created: 01/28/10
Recommendations: 11
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Da da doo da da doo da da doo doo doo doo...........
Created: 12/03/09
Recommendations: 3
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Kady has been a star for most of her life, with a ten year old daughter, things start to get a little bit complicated for Kady. Want to know how I got the fonts? Vist: Recommend this funny Introduction.
By: TiareLascelles
Created: 04/13/10
Recommendations: 29
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Cheat Codes! Cheat Codes! And Cheat Codes!!!!
By: JennyDee17
Created: 11/29/10
Recommendations: 16
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First memory: the day David met Eleanor. Intro here:
By: varius57
Created: 05/23/12
Recommendations: 22
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