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LeahT Competition:Kill Brent
By: kklldd1133
Created: 01/13/11
Recommendations: 19
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The Ninth Episode Of Makeover Time! Alexis Debrook is an Orphan who has wanted to get adopted for a while now. Eveyone at the orphanage has been adopted except her, and she is losing hope in getting adopted. Will getting a makeover get her, her family of her dreams, or leave her in sorrow? Well gotta read to find out :3 I Will need 5 Rec's to continue. Thx!
By: sonnybay815A
Created: 04/05/10
Recommendations: 36
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This micro family homes has two bedrooms and two baths. It has all the creture comforts a small family is looking for complete with top of the line electronics. The house comes fully furnished and landscaped, including a patio for outdoor entertaimnet, for under 50k. Be sure to check out the tour in my studio for more photos.
By: exdemon1120
Created: 10/07/09
Recommendations: 8
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翻訳サイト使ってるので上手く伝わるか自信がない。 日本語の解説はこちら→   *House 5でこの方法を使ってます。
By: redoutcry
Created: 02/18/10
Recommendations: 3
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Read! :D
By: LilahJean
Created: 02/21/10
Recommendations: 11
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A tragedy that a year ago causes Ava to become a orpahn and sent off to live in and orphanage. All is well for a year and she planned on staying there till she was eighteen. Untill Mrs. Hardy tells her that she just got a phone call from one of my dads old friends and my guardian. His name is Billy Black and he lives in La Push, Washington. I know nothing about him but here I am going to live with him. What could go wrong
By: sweetpea90001
Created: 03/21/10
Recommendations: 3
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A modeling show that's about the clothes, not the models. The clothes will be uploaded to the exchange if i get enough rec's. This is only the intro. Next time the modeling will begin!
By: Jacquelinejvr
Created: 08/28/10
Recommendations: 33
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Annabelle and Tiffany move to L.A for their summer vacation. Now in the land of celebrities, beach babes, snobby models and romance these girls must learn to adapt to keep themselves out of trouble. But for these two they begin their adventure on a rocky start managing to escape through a narrow window… literally! Read to find out the story of a guy and a girl on their quest for true love but with heartbreak, laughs and non-stop drama along the way! Feast your eyes on the very first chapter of Love Quest!
By: amirahqueen
Created: 05/11/11
Recommendations: 39
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Kiyoshi finally gets his chance in getting Mitsuho's cross.
By: BlackEyeBeast
Created: 07/29/12
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A story about a girl.
By: leylailter
Created: 07/19/11
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