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Child asbuse is wrong. And needs to be stopped. FULL STOPPED.
By: summeryear
Created: 04/08/11
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It's all about minimalism. No phones, no tv, no computers. Just sit and relax and enjoy a peaceful moment in the Zen garden. This getaway has the essentials and nothing else. Clear your mind. This is a slideshow of my Zen Garden Pagoda. It is an efficiency and sells for around 20k with gardens and ponds. Your intelligent, creative sims will love it.
By: Tfbob
Created: 07/28/09
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Cameo gave up a faded music career to return to her first passions: HORSES and a "Stylist" career. What adventures, failures/successes await her? Who will she meet? *** Horses by: Drangon Slave @ Mod The Sims *** Shared by: Shelly1968 *** Western Cafe by: Anartistica ***Modified by: Cameonet1950 *** #2: Meeting Madison *** It’s longer but still VERY easy and fast reading! You’ll LOVE the pics and meeting Madison as well as a few other characters too! I PROMISE! ENJOY! ;)
By: cameonet1950
Created: 09/23/10
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The prologue to my new and first series, Confessions of a Royal ! Read, and recommend if you like it (:
By: emzy1395
Created: 07/20/09
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Please read this at >><< it's a whole new legacy I was thinking to start. So if you like it , please recommend ! Because any signs of readers will guarantee that I'll continue with this (: Thanks !
By: WaWCc
Created: 01/03/12
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U got a lot want to build a house want to save money dont know how fing out in this tutorial
By: Armyhunter43
Created: 12/27/09
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By: palmtrees
Created: 02/22/10
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If you like rec, add me as friend, fav, or all above! To be nice to LeahT and AffectedPulse, look at their books: LeahT: Hate to Love You. AffectedPulse: Love Cannot be Rewritten, THANKS EVERYONE! And, Elleyn hope you and your aunt feel better. :[
By: lexih00
Created: 01/09/11
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First memory: the day David met Eleanor. Intro here:
By: varius57
Created: 05/23/12
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Red is bad luck for Sims.
By: SimExperamenter
Created: 07/20/10
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