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Chapter 21 of the INSANE(ly funny) legacy! Addie and Andrew welcome THE LAST child of the generation. Leslie's sstill seems to be in peices. And ASHTON WON'T TALK, but Celia is helping out and translates. See what other craziness goes on in this chapter of THE PARRSON FAMILY LEGACY!
By: RabbitKid
Created: 10/23/10
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Views: 488
The first chapter of 'The Richardson Family' this chapter will gives you short descriptions of the members of the family.
By: fridayjack1
Created: 06/08/09
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The interactive game show Season 3, Episode 4! Who will Kessie use the POS on and who will be the first to be evicted from the house? Also, find out who the new OOH is! Find all of this out on this episode!
By: badtothebone322
Created: 08/11/09
Recommendations: 21
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My opinion on this whole "New Aoxa" junk. Seriously, please read this.
By: sakuyamon11
Created: 01/07/10
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What can you expect when you become a young lady? Read this and be prepared! Enjoy xx
By: zakariyah
Created: 01/13/12
Recommendations: 11
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Angie Rock is living a sad, terrible life of sorrow. Her mother, Angel Rock, is a Rock Star. She's one of the most famous sims in the world! She runs off to celeb-parties and concerts every night, and Angie is fed up with it. Read along as Angel and Angie struggle to keep thier relationship alive because of this stupid... "Pop Star" career.
By: MzSimsBaby
Created: 11/22/10
Recommendations: 7
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Preview for my new series "Teenage Dirtbag" which will be showcased on my blog ( AND on the Exchange THIS Friday! Thank you for reading!
By: ttlysimish
Created: 08/13/13
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WE were all a hppy family until that one Faitfull outing...
By: Mimiscout
Created: 05/26/10
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Best friends Zoe Vale and Samantha Chad are leaving Riverview for Bridgeport. Zoe hopes to paint herself into celebrity status and Samantha wants to be a rock star. But when the girls arrive, things quickly turn sour. They are having a hard time finding a job, an apartment and to make matters worse they are being stalked by someone. But who is this mysterious man that haunts them? What does he want with the girls? Find out in Desired!
By: Daijahv
Created: 11/04/10
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By: mmikeyjay
Created: 04/08/11
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